Wyatt Birthday Parties – Three

I had decided that we wouldn’t have a birthday party for Wyatt until we got in the new house so that there would be enough room for everyone. WELL pretty much everyone ended up just coming over on his actual birthday so he was spoiled rotten that day. And we ended up not getting into the house in February so we just had a get together for Maggie, Wyatt, Jude, and Dean’s birthdays on February 29.

The day before your birthday you brought Scooby snacks to Crystals and they sang to you and you loved every minute of it and you LOVED the present she got you for your birthday.img_7879img_7880

His actual birthday we went to get donuts for breakfast, I had put balloons on his door for when he woke up,and he thought that was SO exciting. He is the best at being so excited about it and this mama loves it


We ordered pizza for everyone coming over and Nana brought mini cupcakes. You got all kinds of fun presents with car runs, puzzles, more little trucks and some cute Nike clothes.



You loved everyone singing happy birthday and you just truly understood that it was your birthday and you got all the attention, Super happy boy with all of your presents too

We then had the De Ronde party on February 29 and YOU were ALL about more partying and cakes with candles to blow out and presents!! I made some little cakes for all the birthday kiddos to make them feel special and we had a great night.


Plans don’t always go as I hope, but oh well it was a great time celebrating our 3 year old.

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