Building Our Forever Home – March 2020 – Part 14

March 2: Kyle started on the trim upstairs in the house so that we could get carpet down.

March 3: Finished up the trim and then had to caulk it all, Brian got tile done in the closet downstairs. I started filling nail holes

March 5: Carol watched the boys so I could fill nail holes, sand, tape, and paint trim

March 6: Got rock for the driveway and got that all down.

March 7: Kyle worked on trim around the doors and base on the main level, got the table top on, I got a little bit of the trim upstairs painted

March 11: Kyle worked more on trim on the main level

March 12: Kyle painted all the upstairs trim

March 16: Picked up the carpet, Brian groaned when he saw there was a pattern.

March 17: Brian and Kyle got the pad down and the tack strip for carpet

March 19: Kyle, Brian, Carol and me were there all day. Carol got the navy accent wall finished, Brian worked on the hallway carpet and got it finished and got the carpet in the bedrooms in there, Kyle prepped for the electrical inspection and got the countertop outlets in and had to make a Menards run. I put in tons of can light bulbs, put all the covers on, put painters tape on all the trim on the main floor, filled nail holes on the trim, painted the bottom of the laundry cabinet and basically did whatever was needed of me. Also got the stairs game plan figured out and I ordered the stairs wood and stair nose pieces from Nick for next Wednesday.

March 20: CAN MOVE IN!!! Kyle had the electrical inspection and he just has a few minor things to fix but the inspector said we were good to move in. Brian finished up the carpet and it looks SO gorgeous. We got it all vacuumed and ready to start moving things into the bedrooms.

March 21: Kyle got all the windows trimmed except our bedroom ones, we got Wyatt’s bed set up, got the office rug rolled out, kyle got the master bath vanity out of the garage and put it in (after there was an issue with plumbing rough ins, and got the sinks installed and the mirrors, we got the IKEA dresser set up, and I got an IKEA kids bin set up.

March 23:

March 25:Kyle Made my garden

March 26:Kyle worked on the stairs trim and

March 27: Cleaned our bedroom floors, swept them-vacuumed them-washed them- then shined them. Filled all the rest of the holes and painted all the master bedroom trim. Started on dresser for Wyatt and Kyle came after work and put the doors on the boys rooms and put up curtain rods so they could nap there while I worked on it.

March 28: Put together dresser drawers, our king bed frame, put the rug in the master bedroom, put together the outdoor chairs, cleaned the kitchen floor and most of the living room.


March 29: Painted the kitchen trim and most of the living room trim. Kept working on putting dresser drawers together. Lost power for 2 hours because of insane wind

March 30: Kyle got the trim back up on the stairs, started to put the wood on the stairs but then decided he needed to trim out the stairs, so he got that all cut out.

March 31: painted the trim he made for the stairs but then while he was letting it dried ended up trucking

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