Building Our Forever Home – Part 15 – April 2020

April 1: Kyle worked like crazy on the stairs to get them done and got most of them finished besides a few boards he was missing. I packed up 1221 like mad so we could move the next day!

April 2: MOVE IN DAY! Can’t believe the time was here. Boys went to daycare and We pretty much everything in two loads and had it all at the new house by noon. We unpacked like mad, Carol was there and cleaned the whole downstairs and the floor shined it was incredible. We hung up a million things and really it all went SO smooth for doing it ourselves. I was proud of use we got it all unpacked and had beds ready which was all that really mattered.

April 3: Day 2! I brought the boys to Pella to my mom so she could watch them, We did a ton of moving stuff into the house and unpacking, Kyle did a thousand hanging projects for me, Carol and I wallpapered the hallway. Kyle cleaned the whole garage

April 4: Carol watched the boys today and Kyle and me cleaned out and deep cleaned 1221. We got the whole entire upstairs clean up and then we went to the new house and continued unpacking and putting things away. Mitchell and Natalie came over and helped put together dresser drawers. Katie and Tayler came over for the remainder of the night and we had an amazing time with friends in our house for the first time

April 5: Took it easy with church in the morning and then Kyle and the boys took naps. I worked on putting pictures in frames and showed Kristin and Karl the hosue

April 7: Lots of outdoor tilling in the garden and making peony

April 9: Got all the tile up in the shower so that it was ready to be grouted. Got the vanity top in the upstairs bathroom cut down to fit and put into place


April 11: Kyle mainly worked but I did convince him to help till me garden and put manure on it

April 13: Kyle did a big Menards run but they had like zero wood because of the corona. not sure if it was people doing projects or supplies not getting delivered but that was a bummer. he built me shelves for my office, put up both boys bookshelves, got the faucets installed and mirrors hung up and we have a fully working bathroom upstairs.


April 14: Kyle replaced the plywood shelf in the pantry, he grouted the shower and the floor of the hall closet.

April 17: Kyle hung a million shelves in all the closets and the curtain rods so that we were able to get things put away and off the floors and man did it feel amazing

April 18: Finally finished up ALL the dressers in the house so we can get clothes put away where they belong.

April 27-28: Kyle worked on soffit and fascia on the house

Definitely got slower during April since we moved IN and the weather got warmer Kyle started making some money since money was more important that his time and we were able to deal with living in the few things not finished.

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