Duke Mitchell – 2 Years

WHAT A YEAR!!! Duke you just blow your mama’s mind with how dang cute, opinionated, vocal, and lovable you are. You don’t get overshadowed one bit by your older outgoing brother and you keep up right in step with whatever he is doing. There is no greater joy to this mama than watching you two be literally the best of friends. Whenever you don’t know where Wyatt is you bug me until he wakes up or comes back.

You are obsessed with motorcycles, dirt bikes, the golf carts, and always going along for a ride in the truck. You love the kitties at the farm, love Mitchell’s puppy Jax, love to yell for Sargy to come back to the house.

Great sleeper and definitely just a more tired guy. If you go for a ride around 11 you will fall asleep every time. You take around a 3 hour nap a day and are always ready for it. You sleep great at night and usually go from 8 to around 7 or whenever Wyatt wakes you up.

You have the praying down and always fold your hands, bow your head  and close your eyes. sometimes we hear a word or two from the Lord’s prayer and you are always ready for a big AMEN! Your favorite show on Netflix is Baby Bum, tho you watch whatever your brother wants most of the time. You are a HUGE daddy’s boy and will pick him over mom almost all the time if he is around.

Your vocabulary is exploding and we can almost always understand what you are wanting already. You call your paci a PABI, for blanket is B, you now say ” I got it” when you don’t want help, you scream a lot of your words and are very good at yelling Wyatt 🙂 You also copy legitimately any word Wyatt says to us like a parrot. You have crazy teeth from your gum line being messed up. You are still wearing like 12-18 month shorts and are now wearing a lot of 2T tops. You were 35″ and 68% for height, 25 lbs and 15% for weight and your melon was 20″ but actually on the charts at 94% You eat like a maniac and have different favorite foods than your brother. You’ll eat whatever mom and dad are eating, you love granola bars, juice boxes, fruit snacks, cottage cheese, nuggets, mac n cheese, green beans, all the fruits and are a much better drinker than your brother and drink a lot of milk and water.

You have the absolute best giggle and we love you so much and are so proud to call you ours! Happy Birthday Duke De Ronde!!

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