Duke’s 2nd Birthday Party

What a fabulous day and weather we had for celebrating Duke’s 2nd Birthday with family. Didn’t go totally crazy, but had to have some good decorations. Just had family over after Sunday church and went pretty easy on food too




I did do a balloon garland for the first time and it was actually very easy with the balloon string I bought and buying an electric balloon pump to fill them all. Made a quick little banner on my cricut, totally failed at making the tire cake (homemade frosting was just the wrong consistency) so quick put a fondant 2 on it and called it good. Made Duke’s birthday shirt with my cricut too and loved how it turned out.


Teething and past nap time birthday boy was NOT having the candles on his cake at all. He cried the whole time we sang happy birthday too him, but then was happy when we took the cake away and gave him a cupcake. Duke to a tee.


Wyatt was in heaven all day. Birthday party, cousins, Dukes new toys, cupcakes….smiled ear to ear the whole time

Sweet boy was spoiled with lots of good birthday presents of all his favorite things: balls and trucks. At first he wasn’t having it but he came around to the opening present thing, and Wyatt was there the whole entire time to help.


sweet little cousins at 37 weeks and 16 weeks

Boys had to check out all the presents right away and man did they love them. Helps when their mama knew exactly what they needed 😉 we are so dang blessed and just had the most wonderful day celebrating our sweet Duke Mitchell

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