Building Our Forever Home – Part 17 – Summer 2020

June 2: The Master bath shower glass got put in and finished!

June 3-4: Kyle worked on siding the house

June 15: Took down trees by the yard light and then installed huge pole. 

June 16: Sided another wall of the garage and Made a dog door on the back of garage

June 17: Sided the back of the garage and out bedroom wall

June 18: Painted using the sprayer and sawed down all the upstairs doors and got them rehung and Kyle got the door knobs on all of them.

June 22: worked on staining the doors on the main level but we aren’t sure on the stain color yet. So he worked on the porch roof and got half of that done

July 1: Got the doors stained the right color and got them up and with handles on it.


July 7: Kyle finished the porch ceiling

July 10: Heather and I got the gym flooring in the downstairs bedroom

July 13-17: Kyle took off two days and all week worked on siding the back of the house

July 21: Dealt with rain but kept working on trimming the back of the house

July 30: Kyle and I finished up the whole back of the house with siding. Felt SO good to get it knocked out and def a two person job

August 18: Began the vertical siding the west peaks!

Aug 19: Got the front of the house vertical siding finished

August 26: Kyle finished up putting up the vertical siding

September 2: Siding is officially all on. Needs to be painted but so excited to be DONE with that big job.


Back to indoor winter projects we go!



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