27 things for 27 Years

Some of my favorite things/moments/little luxury’s to finish out my 27th year:

  1.  Antique Candle Co – Fall Harvest, Country Pear and Clean Cotton are to die for. Never been a candle person until I found these. I have been obsessed all year with them
  2.  Moving into our new house
  3.  Getting to have a huge garden
  4. Having #3 on the way
  5.  Duke saying Bless You Mama every time I sneeze/cough
  6.  Golf dates with the Riggens once a month and then going out for supper
  7. Canning/freezing garden food for the whole year
  8. New nephew Max Collins
  9. Kyle’s 6 months on day shift and being home every night
  10. Finishing up at my job and taking on my new role as a SAHM soon
  11. Dishwashers. dishwashers. the best creation every and it took me to my 27th year to finally have a dishwasher.
  12.  cute workout leggings in colors that I never actually work out in but feel good in
  13.  An office. a place to work once a week and keep all my hobbies/project.
  14. Kodiak cake cups – have changed me and Kyle’s breakfast on the go life. SO good
  15. Podcasts – love so many top favs are Coffee & Crumbs, Today by the Way, Open Door Sisterhood, Old Fashioned on Purpose, Midwest Farm Wives, Rachel Cruze show, & Wire Talk
  16. Kyle’s weekends off
  17. The Home Edit – such an amazing book/Instagram about organizing and decluttering
  18. fresh cut flowers in my kitchen from my own garden ALL summer
  19.  our amazing stand up shower.
  20. Cantarito’s Dip – involves steak, chicken, and shrimp in a queso dip with jalapenos and mushrooms
  21. Making my own recipe book – such a fun project I am enjoying
  22. Sweet Magnolias – not many Netflix shows I actually like but this one was GOOD
  23. The joy of sweet baby kicks all day long!
  24. Blogs – I just enjoy so much reading/seeing what creative people are up to
  25. Airpods knock off my mom got be for my birthday. Had them a day but they are already my favorite.
  26. Walmart Pickup – WHAT WAS LIFE before this.
  27. One Line a Year – this is such a cool little book that you just write a few things for each day and it is a 5 year book and it will be fun to see how life changes over 5 years.

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