Fall 2020

Man are things just different this year with all the COVID stuff going on.

Papa’s Birthday

We went mini golfing at Toad Valley and the boys enjoyed it for awhile and then just wanted to be on the playset. Wyatt then got to go play laser tag with Dad and he LOVED it and has asked to go again many times. We then ate Buffalo Wild Wings at Mitchell’s new house in Pleasant Hill and played games.

Autumn Acres

Boys got to go to Autumn Acres with daycare and had such a great time! Duke wasn’t sure about the big slide but Wyatt went down with him. They loved shooting the tennis balls into the water


Harvest went really smooth and didn’t take long which was awesome! The boys loved bringing food to daddy when he was in the grain cart or in the semi. Wyatt got to ride with daddy and Duke was always content to watch in the durango with mom.

Pumpkin Carving

Like every year, dad carved a pumpkin and the boys got to choose what was on it. This year was a bulldozer and dad dominated it!


We don’t really celebrate Halloween at all except the boys usually having a party at daycare. The boys wanted to wear costumes that Crystal had so they were a fireman and a police man and I made simple little treats for them to bring.

Fall Decor

Loved having a porch to decorate this year! Got some amazing mums from Sigourney H&M and got the pumpkins from Kristin and gourds from my mom and love how it turned out.

Puppy Scout

We got to go pick up puppy scout on November 2 and the boys are loving her! She’s loving Sarge and warming up to things here, she loves to bite, walk between our legs, car rides, and get all the attention she can!

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