Betsey – 1 Month

We’ve made it through one month with our sweet Betsey Lou! I truly love the newborn stage, even though it is always harder than I remember 🙂 I think it just gets harder because there is so many other kids to run after and take care of. Betsey loves her mama and wants to be touching me at pretty much every second. She is such a pretty baby girl and we are all so smitten by her.

Sleep wise she is a phenomenal sleeper…. if she’s on her mom. Pretty much sleeps with me every night which I am not happy about and don’t want it to happen but we both sleep well and i try every night to start her in the bassinet and that lasts about 10 minutes. She will instantly nap when she is in the Solly Wrap, naps great by herself on our bed, and definitely loves her sleep! You get fussy at night and want to be bounced, otherwise you are a pretty good baby

Eating wise, she has always loved to eat, but she actually had a tongue tie & lip tie and so the first 3 weeks she used a nipple shield which i didn’t love because it was just more work and could tell she didn’t clean me out as well with it. We got her tongue & lip tie fixed at Dahm Dental and he was great about it. A few days after she was able to nurse without the shield which was awesome and she started to take the paci about a week after they were cut. She has seemed a lot better in the carseat and there was just a lot of things that can be affected by a tongue tie that we had no idea about.

She had her first Christmas get together on January 2 with the De Ronde side. Has gone to church a few times and slept right through in the solly wrap. She also got baptized on the day she was one month old. SHe has had so many visitors of friends and family which mom loves and so do the boys. You have been spoiled with so many girl outfits and presents! Also lots of freezer meals which have been very appreciated. She rolled over on her changing table from belly on 1.11.21. Not always so sure about baths, but LOVES having her hair washed and slept through the first one.

Size wise she weighed 7lbs 12 oz when the Home Health nurse came to visit. She weighed 8lbs 2 oz at her first doctors appt. She wears newborn diapers but I won’t buy any more of them because i think she is ready to move to 1. She is filling out all her newborn clothes, but 0-3 seems too big. She seems so much taller than the boys.

She has the prettiest black hair, still has pretty tan skin which is gorgeous. Your dad is so smitten by his little girl and always wants to hold you, is very protective when others have you, and knows he is in trouble 🙂 He is on day shift and has around 3 days off a week which has been SO amazing and he’s been the MVP for making this transition go so smoothly. Your brothers love you so much. They love to come and just look at you, give you kisses and touch you, will hold you for about two seconds and then go back to what they are doing. They truly have made the transition very easy. There is a dang lot of stuff to keep up on as a family of 5, but trying to soak you up knowing you will grow up way too fast. We all adore you Betsey!

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