Memory Keeping – 2020

Here are some projects I completed so far in 2020:

Prints: My favorite project was working on my MIL organization of 40 years of photos! At the very beginning of the year I got mine all organized and perfectly in order and man does it feel and look good. I am trying to print off pictures whenever I see a really good deal on Shutterfly or Snapfish and even use Walmart a lot also. I  have a pretty good system now of putting them into a google photos folder “to print” and then removing them when they are printed. I will never pay more than 10 cents a photo including the shipping cost.

Video: I took on a project that I was excited to do and thought was so necessary to make sure we had forever: I took my parents VHS tapes and got them converted to a digital file so that we all would be able to have a copy and then actually put them on a private YouTube for easy viewing.

Home Videos: We got a video recorder before Wyatt was born knowing how important it was to have videos on our kids growing up. I grew up with a dad and grandpas that were great at it so I am so glad my husband is on it too. For the first 2.5 years we were amazing at using it and right now we are usually just doing the videos with our phone. Either way turn that phone sideways and get videos of just doing every day life as a family. I have them in years too and need to find a way to get them all together I am still working on.

Photobooks: At the beginning of the year the first time I saw free pages in 2020 I was able to print 2019 Yearbook Part 1 and I got Wyatt’s 3 year old book done which I was super impressed with myself for getting Wyatt’s book done so close to his birthday. I’m pretty behind tho and I am needing to finish up Part 2 of 2019, Get Duke’s 2 year old book farther, and get the house building book farther. I did get 2019 Yearbook Part 2 DONE in June and just waited for a deal to print. I got Duke’s 2 year old book printed less than a month after his birthday which I was impressed by. At the end of the year I worked on all the next years books, and took on making each of the kids a pregnancy 8×8 book that I just need to wait for a deal to print.

Picture Frames: I got our traveling picture frames up in our basement stairway, got our family ones in the living room that shows our family and how it changed every year, I have picture frames up in my office and plan to put a few more up in the house just have to decide where.

Promptly Journals: I am at a lot easier stage with the promptly journals since I am only technically needing to fill them out once a year now for the boys. I have been keeping the new babies information in a word document so that when I buy the promptly journal I have all the info to go in it. Without a doubt hands down the best type of baby book. the prompts are incredible, love that you put one picture a year, love that it has a pregnancy section, and most of all love that it goes to 18 years.

Photo Albums: Each boy had their own photo album that I add the big pictures to, weekly pregnancy pics, birth pictures, 3-6-9-12-18 months pictures, yearly pictures and birthday party pictures to. This summer I went through and got printed anything I might have missed for the boys so glad those are caught up.

Memory Boxes: Each boy had a just simple 8.5-x11 box from the Container store and in there I put any special things/paper we get for them that I want to keep for now. Things like growth papers from the doctors appt, birth papers, baptism bulletins, etc. I also was able to get school boxes bought and ready so when they start school I have boxes to keep their stuff.

Kyles High School Football Scrapbook: FINALLY got around to finishing this project. it has been on the back burner but always on my mind. I got the box of full papers that my mother in law had kept about two years ago, I went through and cut out every article pertaining to Kyle and got rid of all the excess right away.  I have been collecting paper, stickers, and ideas for about a year knowing it wasn’t the right time to take it on while we were building the house, and now that Kyle is on night shift and I have more time in the evenings I got it knocked out. Now to get to Junior football, basketball, and baseball!

I am sure this was overwhelming for most, and I definitely go over the top, but I enjoy it so much and love looking back on it already. It will be SO special when I am old and senile and get to remember my little babies.

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