2021 Goals

This year is going to look a lot different for us! Trying to put goals together when you have a newborn in tow is definitely hard. I’m not getting much of anything done at this moment besides keeping three small humans alive, keeping food on the table, and attempting to have the laundry done. I know by the end of the year though my life will be so much different. So I rounded up a few goals that just sound like dreams in the thick of newborn life:

1. Find a new good routine – I know our routine will change a lot this year, between newborn days, summer, Wyatt starting preschool in the fall. But just trying to get a base routine since I’m now a stay at home mom. I function fine without routine, but i think for the kids and me being more productive it would be better.

2. Shop Less/ Save More – We always have big dreams and things to save up for so this year I want to try to really focus on being content and saving money. Now that we don’t have my income we don’t have tons of money just sitting around and being able to buy whatever we want. I want to be intentional with our money and what we spend on groceries, gas, etc and looking for ways to save in the variable expenses departments so we can reach the important goals we have on time with the money needed.

3. Grateful/Prayer Journal – I feel like in this stage of 3 small kids my brain is just mush and if I want to really be intentional with my faith i need things to guide me. I brought a Prayer Journal that has prompts and I’m excited to dive into it this year and expand my prayer life. I want to right now the prayer requests that I hear from people and pray continually for them instead of the one time and then forget about it.

4.Clear Clutter out of Our Life – I’m hoping with me having more time at home to really get a hold of clutter and having things organized. Hoping to have a garage sale to get rid of things we don’t use, find a system for toys me and the boys like, and getting kids clothes system cleaned up. This also includes getting rid of things we don’t need, clearing mental clutter and getting things done instead of just saying I will someday, and just clearing all the noise out of our life that we can.

5. Nurse baby for a year – always a lofty goal, I made it to 9 months with Wyatt and then 8 months with Duke, it’s hard for me to keep my supply up when the baby starts eating food but it is a goal I’ll take month by month with Betsey.

I have a lot of other goals for the year in my head, but these are some that I want to stick to, and sometimes if i give myself too many goals I don’t stick to any of them. Hoping to look back on this post every quarter and see what i need to be doing to meet these goals

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