Betsey – 2 Months

We made it another month, usually it seems like months fly by this this one definitely was a long one. We are starting to get you figured out but you are still quite the stinker. About at the 6 weeks mark you started taking decent naps nearly every day on our bed. You are still quite a fussy/gasy baby and I know it will pass, but it still feels like it will be a long time. Doesn’t help that it has been extremely cold and we can’t get out much. By the end of the month I decided to drop dairy to see if that would help and honestly you have seemed a lot less fussy at night and for that we are so thankful! You are now going to bed around 8-8:30 so I do feel like we are getting somewhere. I just feel like you really need routine a lot more than the boys and now that i know that things have been going a ton better

Sleepwise you actualy are a decent night sleeper! You take decently long stretches in your bed and then when you wake up to nurse you usually want to just sleep/snuggle with mom. But you are never up much and just nurse and sleep through the night. You only want to be up for 1 hour 1.5 tops between naps or you get fussy. Great at napping in the car and never hear a peep from you in there since you got your tongue tie clipped.

You give us lots of smiles which makes it worth it. We can tell you are ticklish, you love brother Duke who is always in your face saying “HEYYYY BABY!” Superbowl party, friends over, has definitely helped and you have done pretty great at all of them because someone was holding you. Left you at Nana’s for a night while we went to a fundraiser and you screamed the whole time.

You were out of newborns by 6 weeks and are filling out your 0-3 very nicely! Wear size 1 diapers and had a doctors appt and you weighed 12lbs which was79% , were 23 1/2 inches tall 88%, and head size 16 cm and that was 90% so you fit right into this big headed family. You are holding on to your hair still, had some bad baby acne from sleeping and being a sweater. Also just started being able to cry tears when you are upset

Champ of a nurser, still doing the stretches for your tongue tie because it always feels like it is trying to grow back. Wish my supply was as good as it was with the boys but it seems it isn’t which works me up even when i wish it wouldn’t. Then other days it seems great so trying not to worry about it and keep sneaking supposed supply helpers into my food! Still getting 3-4 bags of milk a week into the freezer and have a super nice stash in there!

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