Betsey – 3 Months

We survived another month. This was probably the hardest month of my life and that definitely wasn’t all your fault, but man am i getting weary of the colic and trying to figure you out and failing.

You are a phenomenal eater that is for sure. We had a pretty great nursing going on but i tried to cut dairy because you were so fussy. I think it definitely helped but then when i got a bug and an ulcer my supply dropped so much and all my saved milk in the freezer was dairy so we tried to find a formula. Normal formula made you fussy so we are now trying some of the more gentle ones to see if they will work. We continue to nurse and after i get over this ulcer i will try to build my supply back up but right now i am just trying to eat what i can.

You struggle with gas and are just a fussy baby all around. you will go without being held for abotu 10 minutes and then you are fed up and want to be held up and not laying down. you love to see everything that is going on and like watching your brothers and the tv. You are extremely fussy at night and it takes us about 1.5 hours to get you to bed every night. It involves tons of screaming, you scratching at our skin, and having your body straight as a board. Me and dad take turns walking and bouncing you. You are starting to have a few long stretches some nights which are much appreciated but still we have a lot of 2 hour stretches leaving me pretty weary. I try to remember that this stage is so short and soon you will be a lot happier but the days seem very long and i can’t get much done at all because i spend all day trying to keep you happy.

You sure chunked out this month and are almost out of 3 month clothes and i just got them out. Barely fit in size 1 diapers but we have quite a few so i am trying to get them used as much as possible before moving you up. Starting to poop more now that you are on formula.

You love to smile in the mornings and you do like to sleep in past 8. thankfully your brothers just watch tv and we try to sleep in. You also started laughing this month which made all the hard worth it. You handle being outside pretty good which is nice because mom needs the warmth and the fresh air to get through this stage. You do great in your carseat which is a blessing, entertain a paci but aren’t obsessed with it, love being in the shower, and are content when someone is completely paying attention to you. You also are very strong in your neck and we have started to put you in the walker and you seem to like it for little bits of time until you get tired.

Here is to month 4 being an easier one!!

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