Betsey – 4 Months

The tides are changing and I can tell! Maybe it helps that I got a 4 day break from you, but you seem to be sleeping better, being put down more, not having as much gas pain, and generally happy baby. You follow peoples voices and faces so well, are starting to hold on to things and bring them to your mouth, you are always sucking on your fists and starting to teeth/drool.

You are still wearing size 1 diapers during the day because we have so many I am trying to get rid of and wearing size 2 at night. Wearing 3 months and some 3-6 months. At your doctors appt you were 75% for height at 25 inches, 60% for weight at 14 lbs 2oz, and your head was 99%…shocker!! Great eater and suck down a bottle very easily. Chunky little thing! Starting to notice our food, I think we finally found a formula that doesn’t make your tummy hurt.

Sleepwise you seemed to really be getting it down. Bedtime usually starts around 8 and usually you dont wake up until anywhere between 7-9. Some nights you are only waking up once, others you are waking up twice but either way all the time you are just eating a bottle and going right back to bed which is totally doable. Naps are hit and miss, sometimes they are only 30 minutes, soetimes they are 3 hours. I don’t know what i do different.

You are a very smiley baby and love all the attention. you are starting to sit in your play chairs and watch tv and your brothers play. starting to grab on to toys, drooling like a machine and starting to bring everything to your mouth. Love going on walks, have fantastic vision and can see us from a long ways away. Still loves baths/showers

Youre still fussy in the afternoon and you scream to sleep for every nap/night which is making me weary. But i am seeing the light more and more! You are the prettiest baby ever and we love making you smile

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