Betsey -5 Months

Well this month update is 100 times different than the rest!!! We have a whole new girl on our hands and it is SO amazing! One or two days this months she went back to her screaming self and it made it so obvious how much better she has got and how hard those days were compared to days now.

Betsey is still a really good eater and is drinking 5-6 oz a time. She will usually need one burp out and spit up. She has got little pieces of things put in her mouth and she seems quizical every time but doesnt seem to have the reflex near as bad as like wyatt did. Poops once every 4 days which seems like not very often but i know both of her brothers did that too and we put prune juice and a probiotic in the nightly bottle to help.

Sleepwise she is doing better some nights at only waking up one time at 3:30. Other nights she wants two bottles. Can still tell im getting a lot more sleep and she is usually sleeping from 8-7. Napping can be hit or miss but i feel like at least once a day i get a 2 hour nap. and usually the rule of up 2 hours then nap has worked really well. She has also become a lot easier to put down and usually just needs a minute or two of bouncing/walking and she gives in.

She’s a chunk with the best cheeks and lots of rolls. her hair is already growing back in and eyes continue to hold on to blue. she has the best eyelashes and smiles at everyone with them. Wearing 3-6 and 6 months clothes. Size 2 feet for her shoes for the wedding. Should be in size 2s full time but every once in awhile i throw a 1 on you because i want them used up so bad.

Loves the bumbo way more than her brothers at this age. Starting to really like the jolly jumper and thinking about jumping. very happy in the exersaucer or baby bouncer if she is watching her brothers play. So much more content and will usually hang out with her brothers after waking up or a nap for a good 45 minutes in it just watching them. Loves a crowd and lots to see a very nosy baby! Does really well when we are on the move and was a perfect baby at Tulip Time and shopping. Still loves showers/baths so hopefully will be a big fan of summer. Like being outside and now like the baby bjorn. Very big talker and love one on one attention. starting to become a daddy’s girl and turn to look for your mom when she enters a room and you hear her voice. sitting assisted and grabbing for everything to put into your mouth. COuld roll to her tummy if she wanted to but refuses. still finds a way to scoot all over the floor and get off her mat.

We are loving you betsey lou so so much!

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