Betsey – 6 Months

We made it half a year! Which is crazy! We are so thankful for our Betsey Lou and how happy she has become. She has truly the best smile, gorgeous eyes, and is very loved by everyone in our house. Whoever said that colicky babies end up being the happiest, was right! she pulls makes us so happy now and no one would believe that she was SO fussy and screamed all the time.

Sleep – You are a horrible night sleeper and I am tired. You don’t sleep good in the bassinet or the rock n play these days. You wake up 2-3 times for a bottle and you down them and you usually wake up another time or two for a lost paci. Don’t even know what to do anymore. You usually go straight back to bed but i just need longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. You are however a great napper. Every once in awhile you only nap 30-40 minutes but usually i can get a 1-2 hour nap out of you and it is SO nice. still on a three nap schedule and hopefully soon get on the two nap schedule. She also puts herself to sleep for naps which is so nice especially after months of her fighting being put down every single time.

She can sit by herself so well and doesn’t like to lay back in a bouncer or her bath seat. She still likes laying on the ground and grabbing at toys above her and beside her. she can move around on the floor but doesn’t really roll there just scoots. She has awesome hand eye coordination and she picks up toys and grabs on to anything and straight to the mouth it goes. Loves to be outside just like her bigger brothers, obsessed with Sargy and watchin his every move. Loves her exersaucer and still likes the bumbo which is way more than her brothers. Not as good at jumping in the Jolly Jumper like Duke was, but you do really enjoy being in it.

You get sent to nursery, basically because i cant handle all three by myself but you are also quite the loud talker and most of the time you are the only kid in there.

Girl loves food! Her eyes are always locked in when food is around. If I come towards her with one of her snacks ( rice husks, puffs, baby food) she starts bouncing and the arms are flailing. she loves to eat by herself and is very coordinated, she is liking sweet potato baby food and wasn’t so sure about the banana/blackberry/blueberry which i am sure is a little too tart for her. We usually put a little bit of what we are eating in your mouth and you are all for it.

Went to the doctor and she was 82% for height at 26 3/4″, 50% for weight at 16 lbs 1.5 oz, and 99% for head….shocker she fits right in. She is taller and heavier than both of her brothers at 6 months. She is basically in all 6 months now, try to squeeze her in some summer 3-6 months but she is growing fast. Wearing 2s full time and I think I will move her up to 3s at night soon since she pees so much. No sign of teeth anytime soon but does love chewing on things. Lots and lots of fuzzy brown hair is coming in now too!

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