Duke Mitchell – 3 Years

Our Duke De Ronde. You are just special and we are so thankful we get to call you ours. You amaze us every day and we get so many laughs and smiles from you

You weigh *** and are *** tall. You are wearing 2T pants and 2T/3T shirts. You and Wyatt basically wear the same clothes and shoes tho. You are size 8-9 in shoes and usually bumping Wyatt out of them because you need them.

Food wise i just never know if you will eat supper or not. Love to snack, love applesauce pouches, granola bars, waffles, pancakes, sausage patties, fruit, yogurt, beans, finally starting to like potatoes again after a year long hiatus. Love steak, chicken, hot dogs, mac n cheese, and chocolate milk. Love candy and icees, slowest ice cream eater i have ever met, love mint cookies

You are a cuddly one and love your sleep. Still take 3 hour naps every afternoon, sleep from 9 PM – 7AM, love you Blue B which is a rag by now and still obsessed with that paci. You put your shoes on the wrong feet 99% of the time, like I don’t think you’ve ever actually got it right.

Your funny saying lately is when I say “That’s not funny” you respond with a smile and say “it’s a little funny”. You are obsessed with Baby Betsey and must give her a hug the first time you see her in the morning or when she wakes from a nap. You are lost without Wyatt. He went to bible school for 2 weeks and you just mopped around so Preschool will be an adjustment. You two play and do absolutely everything together making moms job easy, just breaking up fights. What Wyatt gets, Duke gets. Very good memory, fantastic vocabulary. You are a homebody and completely fine with staying home and inside all the time. You are so happy to be back at your Tystal’s and go there once a week, and love going to your Nana’s house. Clay is your best buddy and you love seeing him. You love your cousin Bryn too, and love all your De Ronde cousins and playing with them.

Loves running home from the garden, riding the 4 wheelers, feeding Sargy treats, playing in the dirt pile with your toys, going to the shop to play in the rocks. Didn’t know what to do when Wyatt went to Bible School without you, so him going to preschool will be quite the adjustment. You always say you want to go too, but you will get to go to Sunday School in the fall.

You are our fireman, always wearing fireman costumes, toting a firetruck around, and say you and mommy are firefighters. You love Paw Patrol and always beg to watch in on tv and Marshall the firefighter dog is our favorite. You love to build with magna tiles, know your colors backwards and forwards, say and know the Lord’s prayer, know how to spell your name, count very well, and are a smarty pants in general.

You don’t love bath time still and always want us to watch you. The pool is fine but you just enjoy playing outside of it or walking in it on your own terms. You like the ranger but are scarred from the one time mom got stuck in a mud puddle in it.

You are potty trained and you did it by just running around outside naked and inside. We still have you sleep in your crib tho you have slept many nights in the top bunk with Wyatt, you two talk so much and then don’t get enough sleep which is why we have been keeping you separate.

We love you so much and had such an amazing weekend celebrating you!! Here is to 3!


  • I like grasshoppers… when they are dead!
  • When the boys started sharing a room: Wyatt- no more talking Duke it’s time to go nigh nigh Duke- I’m not talking I’m singing Wyatt – well you are singing too loud!
  • Wyatt: the eagle is going to get food Duke: yeah he’s going to Walmart! 10.16.21
  • Super feet!! then he runs his hilarious run with head down, gritted teeth, fists pumping and big feet going

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