Duke 3 year old birthday celebration

Your birthday fell on a friday so we used the whole weekend to celebrate YOU! You are not used to being the center of attention so you ATE IT UP.

We started out your birthday morning with going to the bakery and getting donuts which is a family tradition. You got to have a donut and chocolate milk and were one happy boy. We then headed to the park where you and Wyatt played for 1.5 hours and you still had a meltdown having to leave. That evening we went miniputting which you loved and were always ready for the next hole.

Saturday sissy and daddy were sick so we didn’t get to go to the pool and had to cancel your party which was sad, but we swam in the back pool and we opened your big dig so you got to work in the dirt pile all day.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and opened your presents and you were one HAPPY boy with a marshall watch, bubble camera, and actual camera. Betsey was feeling a little better so Grammy and Doug came over and we blew out candles, ate angel food cake, and you got to open your fighterfighter truck that shoots water. your marshall fireengine, and a puzzle. We had a great mini party. We had such a great weekend celebrating YOU. it was definitely a learning curve for wyatt and he is very ready for his birthday already.

We got your birthday pictures which taken Monday morning and called it a birthday weekend! We love you Duke De Ronde!

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