Betsey – 7 Months

Sweet sissy got her first sickness this month and that was rough, think she had a sore throat and then was just tired. she slept a lot and wouldnt really take a bottle but loved ice cream and eating her food so that kept her hydrated.

Interested in EVERYTHING and it all goes straight to her mouth, sort of trying to get around. She truly is the smiliest baby and does the best scrunch nose I’ve ever seen. Looks a lot like her daddy and Duke, but people say Duke looks like me so that makes no sense.

Naps are getting really good and usually 2 long naps or 3 naps. Still in the dang rock n play this is the month we get her moved to the crib we just still put duke in it which is the problem. She sleeps horrid at night and is always so thirsty, but she does drink and go right back to bed still.

Girlfriend LOVES her ranger, daddy, and puppy, so when they are come at her on that she just starts jumping and arms flailing. Her brother hung the moon and the stars in her eyes. She’s a busy bee and always watching what’s going on, trying to move, sits up very well.

she is loving food, lots of baby food ( sweet potatoes), blueberries, crackers, puffs, risk husks, and whatever mom and dad is eating…she wants. still not a great bottle taker and usually just drinks 2-3 ounces when she feels like it and then chugs 5ounces every bottle in the middle of the night.

Loves swimming and being in her exersaucer. lvoes the baby bjorn, stroller, and the jolly jumpers. loves her brothers attention. She’s always a long for the ride this summer and she doesn’t complain and doesn’t want to be left behind. She sure is a sweater and the heat this summer has made her red and wet but she doesn’t care.

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