4th of July – 2021

What a marathon weekend!!

We jammed packed the weekend and mom needed the work week just to recover. The kids loved every bit of it and Wyatt cried when it was over. Every day we were up to something and we sure weren’t complaining.

Friday – we went to the pool after 5 and did lots of swimming while Grammy watched Betsey so I could really enjoy it with the boys. Wyatt not likes swimming in the normal pool part which was exciting! We then went to the neighbors to eat their smoked pulled pork and do sparklers with them and the Nieuwsmas

Saturday – we went to the Bussey parade which seemed way better than previous years and the boys loved it and got so much candy. After that we had the De Ronde/Hoksbergen picnic at Eveland Access. We took some good naps and then went to the neighbors to spend the night doing fireworks, ranger rides, and watching the Beacon fireworks.

Sunday – we went to church, took good. naps, and then went to the Nieuwsmas for a BBQ, swimming, sparklers and fireworks with a big group of friends. It was so fun because it has been awhile since we were all together.

Monday – in the morning Kyle and I did a golf tournament at Edmundson with Katie and Tayler best ball. We had a ton of fun and played pretty well and shot a 62. That evening Kyle had to work but my family came over and we ate and chilled outside playing bags and doing little fireworks.

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