Betsey – 8 Months

Girl you are sure on the verge of SO much change!

Got your first tooth on July 31, and had a second one by the end of the month. You have definitely been clingy/cranky with this second tooth and don’t want me to leave the room. you also have had a rash on your tummy from it. lots and lots of babbling and dada baba. sticks out her tongue at daddy when he sticks his out.

Getting on your knees and pulling yourself up on everything. Have no interest in crawling and just want to stand have to watch you like a hawk at all times. won’t sit still at all and have to be moving around when you are on our lap

you could care less about bottles these days and lot to eat and grab whatever we are eating. you love baby food and put up with it. You love mashed potatoes, bananas, bread, yogurt, peaches, and anything we are drinking.

Wake up all night to eat bottles because you won’t during the day and then you go right back to sleep. usually 7-6:30. Take really good naps, they got a little hazy at the end of the month when you were teething but they were getting to two long naps. Still in the darn rock n play but sleep on beds/cribs for naps.

You snort like a pig when you are excited. get super excited by seeing your dad, brothers, sarge or the ranger. you flap your arms like a little loved your first iowa state fair and were so nosy you couldnt even take a nap down at the fair and we had to bring you back to the camper to get one. You have loved swimming so much this summer and splashing around.

You have had lots of babysitting now that you are a better baby and that has been nice for mom and dad to get away together.

wearing whatever we can find that is clean, usually 6-9 months. size 2 during the day, size three at night, you seem to have huge feet.

Keep growing we love it big girl!

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