Iowa State Fair 2021

It was so great to get back to the fair after a year off in 2020. We left the house a little after 6:30 and headed to Des Moines! We were able to get our free parking spot on the road which was exciting and we’ve been luck to have good luck with that!

We talked to the Collins at the camper and then we got in line at Little Hands on the Farm. The boys LOVED it as we expected, it was a little different because of covid, but we couldn’t complain

The kids loved all the baby animals, Betsey loved being carried so she could be in the middle of it all. From there we went to a horse show with the Collins where they shoot at balloons from the horse and Duke was a big fan. We then went to the Giant Slide and walked checking things out. The boys and I really enjoyed the 4H building where we got to do a fun activity about Dairy cows with ISU Extension office and do some working exhibits. We couldn’t get nosy Betsey to fall asleep so we went to the kids zone and let the boys play and they watched a little bit of a show, I snuck to see the agriculture building to see all the flowers and the vegetables.

Betsey and Duke got great naps in the camper while Kyle and Wyatt and I relaxed on the camper deck. After they got up we headed back in and checked out under the grandstands, the dnr building, a little bit of varied industries, lots of walking around to see things we wanted to see, the giant slide again for Duke to get to go and Wyatt got to go a 2nd time with grammy. We ate supper and mom and Betsey ate a Hot Beef Sundae and A&W root beer float and the boys ate from the Rib Shack tent. We then headed back to the camper and talked with the De Groots for awhile and then headed back home!

Prices( Everything jumped after a year off and covid)

$3.00 Giant Slide

$ Ride on the Sky Glide

$7.00 Foot Long Corndog (5.00 for normal)

$14.00 Gate Admission (9.00 early)

$9.00 Hot Beef Sundae

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