Betsey – 11 Months

HOW is she ONE year next month!! These subsequent babies just go faster and faster.

This gal is so exhausting. she does not sit still and just play with toys ( tho she has had a FEW small times when she actually sat and chilled) but usually she is crawling to either set of stairs, to my plants to rip off the leaves, to destroy the boys projects, etc.

She has been teething and just absolutely everything goes in the mouth for her to naw on. Popped tooth 7 &8 this month. she also is in a growth spurt and there is just not enough food or bottles in the middle of the night for her. Some nights she sleeps through the nights and some nights she wants 3 bottles. she is taking 2 naps a day well, but they don’t seem super long compared to what her brothers would do. She does sleep in til 7:30-8:30 in the morning which this non morning person isnt complaining

She officially started walking on November 19!! She had been taking a step here and there but nothing big and we kept trying to force her to walk between us and she wasn’t having that. and then all of a sudden this night i looked over and she took a hand off the corner of the couch and started walking to the chair. since that she has done tons of walking and is getting good. She is our fastest walker and beat Wyatt by 8 days. She also crawls normal sometimes and other times still does her weird one leg crawl.

She says dada, uh oh, nana, so much babbling. she waves, shakes head no, and seems to be such a little toddler already! She loves all her brothers toys to ride, starting to be interested in balls, loves her baby dolls and teddys and giving them hugs. always happy outside and loved being in the walker at thanksgiving in the gym and zoomed all over. she is full of smiles, so happy and busy and I can not believe she will be ONE next month.

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