Wyatt Wayne – 5 Years Old

FIVE YEARS! Kyle and I have been parents for 5 whole years. you have been pure joy and fun since the day you were born and not a thing has changed Wyatt Wayne. You truly bring so much joy to everyone’s lives that you are part of. We are blown away with how smart, kind, thoughtful, and adventurous you are every day. You lead and take care of your younger siblings so well and you are a first born to a tee.

The huge change this year has been starting preschool. You look forward to it every day and are SO excited to go. You get to go with Jack your best friend and you have learned SO much from school it blows my mind. You know write your name super well, you know a lot of letters, you know songs, all kinds of shapes like rhombus,love going outside for recess, like the hatch tablets, and just the structure of the classroom. You are starting to draw which finally opened up when you went to preschool. You draw tanks, people, mazes, and will attempt about whatever I say. You go to Sunday School in grammy’s class this year and always love getting to go down with Duke. You got to do flag football this year which you LOVED and looked forward to every Saturday morning tho your attention span is quite short. You were also the youngest but you learned a lot!

You love to be outsides digging in the dirt and that truly is your happy place. you love going for hikes in our front yard, riding your bike, swimming in the stocktank pool, playing in the bathtub/shower for hours. You have such an engineer type mind and are always looking to make new systems, building , tying things together with string, etc. You love playing with your magna tiles and building huge buildings. You love workbooks and sticker books and want to do the whole thing in one day.

You are still our best eater and usually eat anything that is put on your plate. Love mac n cheese, peanut butter jelly, only like white milk, granola bars, candy (obviously)

You wear size 4T in shirts and pants, size 11-12 in shoes, though you STILL just prefer to go around the house in your underwear. It is impossible to keep clothes on you. You had your first glued head this year when Duke threw a toy combine at you and you didn’t even cry or get upset about them gluing your head. You still nap every once in a while but i usually just let you stay up. If you do nap it is 3 hours. you sleep at night from 9-7:30ish depending on if it is a school day.

You catch on to absolutely everything and never miss a beat. you are better at directions than most adults and always remember the correct way to get to places. you are an extreme extrovert and the most outgoing person i have every met and never want to stay home. You always want to play and make new friends at the park or anywhere we go. You are up to try ANYTHING new or fun.

You ask deep hard questions for me to answer and won’t take I don’t know for an answer. you love to have me watch you do everything, and you do not miss a beat. Duke is truly your best friend. you do absolutely everything together and whenever you are split up you always ask when Duke is going to come back home because you don’t like being home without him. If you two are going to ask mom a question you always make Duke do it while you wait downstairs for the answer. You love your Betsey Lou and always ne

Still always a police officer and everything pretend that you play is centered around that. There is always a “tool” in your workbelt aka your underwear. You love riding the 4 wheelers, being in the grain cart and combine, going to Cargill in the semi, and pretty much helping dad with ANYTHING. You are helpful in the garden tho you usually just run home when you are sick of it to play. Steal all my kitchen appliances as your tools and steal all dads tools.

We love you thanks for being such a great son and a joy to raise!

We love you so much, you have looked SO forward to this birthday patiently after Duke’s birthday and we just can’t wait to celebrate YOU!


  • “Mom Im no ready to wake up” – 9.28.21
  • ‘Wyatt watch your mouth.” ” But I can’t see my mouth!”
  • People always ask if the boys are twins at the grocery store, so today our check out lady goes “hi boys” and Wyatt goes “we’re twins” – 10.16.21
  • “Mom I can’t go to school my legs are broken!” (legs were asleep) – 10.28.21
  • “Mom drinking sprite makes water come out of your eyes” – 12.11.21

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