2021 Books

Now that I have good read to keep track of my books i havent been doing blog post or really writing out throughout the year what I think of the books I read, Here is the quick 2021 book breakdown:

Loving the Little Years – Rachel Jankovic – I had read this before but i needed a refresher and this was so good. to see her write this book in the thick of it was exactly what i needed to hear in a tough season of my life with so many little people.

Fit to Burst – Rachel Jankovic – After rereading Loving the Little Years I went to her next book because i was just craving any bit of help i could get while i was transitioning to a stay at home mom of 3 with a hard baby in the dead of winter. SO good, so helpful and reminding me of the joy in the mundane and to do the fun things. your kids wont remember your ideas of doing fun things.

Risen Motherhood – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler – I found this podcast early on in motherhood and it was such a joy to listen to, so when they wrote a book i knew i would need to read it. it took me a bit to get into this book but then the sections for different topics of motherhood was SO good and i really enjoyed their advice/perspective.

One Beautiful Dream – Jennifer Fulwiler – this was such a life changing book for me. It made it obvious to me that you can have a big family and still have dreams too. I absolutely loved this book, Jen’s perserverance and her hilarious wit. one of my favorites of the year.

Open Your Bible – Amanda Bible Williams – I’ve read through many She Reads Truth bible studies through my emails but i got this one on Thriftbooks and it was so much more than just a devotional it truly taught you how to read the bible and I would highly recommend!!

Becoming Elisabeth Elliott – – this was the book of my summer and hands down the most incredible book. written SO well, so interesting learning in depth abotu Elisabeth Elliots life and how things went down. Would recommend this to anyone. loved all the journal and letters what a part of life that we dont do these days. and her absolute devotion to go was so convicting.

Devoted Great Men and Their Godly Moms – Tim Challies – I just loved this. it showed how important moms have been in the lives of Christian men who went on to do big things and i loved the historical/ memoir side of it too

How May I offend You Today – Susannah Lewis – love me a sassy southern woman book with their stories of life so i had to pick this one up. it totally fit into the category and was great.

Frontier Follies – Ree Drummond – I absolutely find Ree to be the best writer out there. she is just hysterical and her love story book was one of my favorite of all time. so for our trip to Californina I bought it and i was laughing so hard on the plane, thank goodness for masks. she is hilarious as always and a recommended book to all woman!

That Sounds Fun – Annie F. Downs – I just love Annie she is a fellow enneagram 7 and her podcast is great and she’s so fun so I listened to her book so i could hear her read it. it was delightful and also talked about the not fun stuff which surprised me but was good for her and me as enneagram 7s to do since we try to avoid it.

No Pain, No Gaines – Chip Gaines – Always love Chip’s off the wall kind of thinking. i had read his first book and i liked that one more but this was still good.

This is the Day – Tim Tebow – i havent read any of his books but it was motivational and i liked the stories of his life that are strung throughout the book

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World – Kristen Welch – i listened to this and it just had great pointers and i feel like also prepared me for the tech world that is coming faster than we think.

Your Blue Flame – Jennifer Fulwiler – After being so obsessed with her book One Beautiful Dream I read this book about the blue flame. it was so good and will probably read again someday.

Caroline – Sarah Miller – One of the most interesting book i listened to. i was so captivated by how life was back then. she tells the story so gorgeously and i loved every bit of hearing how life out on the prairie went at a pioneer woman. Highly Recommend

5 Love Languages of Children – Gary Chapman – The Minimal Mom mentioned this book and i don’t know why the love languages hadn’t even resonated to me to use for my children but i am obsessed with this idea and it made loving my children so much more easy because both of the boys are physical touch and then i understood why they always wanted to me touching me and instead of brushing them away i let them have more snuggles and hugs and touching me.

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