Best of 2021

Previous years:

Best of 2020 , Best of 2019 , Best of 2018


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Best Date Night:

  • Cantarito’s
  • Golf tournament w/ Riggens
  • Iowa vs. Penn State game


  • Tie-dye
  • Scrunchies
  • crop top shirts (can’t believe i am even saying this, but with high leggings)

Beauty: My mother got me hooked on ISPY and so i have lots of new products now!





Little Luxury:

  • Pancake on the Go cups
  • (Not a little Luxury) The Ranger we bought!! We ride it every day going on ranger rides, up to the garden, great for yard work, I literally tell my husband on the daily how much i love it


  • Going to Oceanside California and vacationing with friends
  • getting the house painted
  • boys loving harvest this year and riding with Kyle for hours
  • laser tag for Papa’s birthday with both boys
  • Hawks WINNING against Penn State. loudest I have ever heard a game
  • A wonderful thanksgiving day spent with both families and Kyle not having to work
  • christmas cookie decorating at Grandmas for the first time

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