Duke Mitchell – 4 Years Old

My sweet little baby boy is 4 years old. What to say about you! You may be the middle child but you make sure you are never forgotten. you have so much personality and the loudest voice there is. You crooked little smile charms your mama easily and you know how to make people just feel for little Dukers.

You love chocolate milk, you are a decent eater if you feel like it and bad if you don’t. love snacks. love an applesauce pouch and graham cookies, love a red icee, pop tarts, lucky charm cereal, pb & j, LOVE cottage cheese, always the fries guy at fast food, loves all fruit, and a juice box

I would say you are the earliest riser of all the kids, though you and Wyatt usually get up together. still taking a 2 hour nap and we’ve tried to drop it so you fall asleep better at night but then you fall asleep in random spots around 5. Bedtime is 9 but you are usually talking to yourself way after that. Go to bed with puppy and green B.

When it comes to play you usually just want to do what Wyatt is. You like working on letters, playing on the dirt pile with all the trucks, jumping on the trampoline, getting into magna tiles like Wyatt, love playing in the play kitchen, always driving a truck around or carrying it with you everywhere, and starting to get interested in sports. You love dot markers and doing worksheets and coloring while Wyatt is at school. Love to watch paw patrol, bible man, Sing 2 and whatever Wyatt makes you watch.

You love playing with other kids at other places, you love Sunday School this year, you were not into bible school though and having to go every day. You love Crystal’s house and your time with her. Love being by moms side and helping when she needs it. starting to like riding in the semi with dad and helping with harvest though you find cultivating very boring (don’t we all)

Much more of a swimming bug this summer and love to be in the water as long as you aren’t forced to do anything you don’t want to. loved the ocean and played in there for hours upon hours. Not a fan of the new puppies and always think they will get you. not a fan of being told what to do and you are always “too tired” or “that’s too hard” or “I’m too little” and love to pout. If you even get the look that you are in trouble you burst into tears. You are never wrong you think.


  • Crystal was patting Betseys booty at daycare and Duke goes ” are you giving Betsey a spanking” and she goes no im just patting does your dad give you a spanking he goes ” no he doesnt give me spankings but he gives my mommy spankings
  • duke one second “does Jesus let people die” ” la la” singing the next….
  • “Like i said i don’t get paci at night but i do in the morning – said that everyday for 2+ months when it was nap time
  • after finishing his prayer every time ” what was your favorite part?”
  • Getting into hot car ” ugh its SO hot, I feel like i’m melting” in a very dramatic voice

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