Duke’s 4th Birthday Party

We had such a great day just as our family on his actual birthday celebrating Duke! We went and got donuts, he helped mama make his cake, we went minigolfing, to the park for a KFC picnic, got frosty udder and let him open one toy and play with that all night.

I just cant stop having little parties with family after Sunday lunch to celebrate these kiddos. We went super easy and dad smoked meat, mom made a cake and angel food and a few sides, people brought some sides and grammy made homemade ice cream.

You blew out candles on your cake with flames on it and your name and you loved being the special one!

Lots of fun presents with sequence for kids, remote control car, magna tile people, lots or firetrucks and firestations, a soccer goal and ball, and play food!

We did a piñata for the first time and that was so much fun. We were just so happy to be surrounded with our favorite people and get to make our little 4 year old feel special.

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