Wyatt & Betsey Birthday Party

Wyatt had lots of celebrating for his birthday! The day before his birthday, he got to bring donut holes for his class treat, mom went and ate lunch at school with him, and he got to have Jack and Clay over to play after school.

Saturday his actual birthday we had donuts at home, he got to open one of his presents, we played with that all day long and got ready for tomorrow.

On December 18 after the church Christmas program, we had a birthday party at our house for Wyatt turning 6 and Betsey turning 2. Nana/Papa, Mitch/Nat, Cody/Morgan/Paisley, Gigi Fopma and Grammy/Doug came to celebrate. Daddy smoked pulled pork, there was potatoes, Dutch mess, corn, snicker salad, and grammy made homemade ice cream. Nana made Wyatt’s tank cake and I made Betseys sprinkle donut cake. Both kiddos got to open their presents and were spoiled as always.

For Betsey’s actual birthday daddy brought home donuts for breakfast after his shift, we got to relax and play at home and didnt have any Christmases which was nice for her.

We love our December babies and try to make them feel as special as possible with all the Christmas activities.

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