Best of 2022

Previous years:

Best of 2021, Best of 2020 , Best of 2019 , Best of 2018


  • Sing 2
  • American Underdog
  • Top Gun – the old one i am way behind in life
  • the Summer I turned pretty

Instagram/Youtube Follow:


  • Coffee + Crumbs – always and forever
  • Focus on the Family
  • You, Me & Mike

Best Date Night:

  • golfing with the neighbors as always
  • Iowa State Fair


  • crop tops
  • got my first pair of mom jeans


  • HOUSE of COLOUR – best thing i have ever done. cant tell enough people about it and the confidence it brings to you and wearing your colors.



  • Upstairs at the White House
  • Jungle Pilot
  • Every Summer After



  • The Commission – CAIN
  • Million Little Miracles
  • Simple – Bethel Music
  • How Can You Not – Leanna Crawford
  • Thanks Giver

Little Luxury:


  • Mexico vacation with the neighbors – truly the best week ever and man did we need the break for real life and get to enjoy the sunshine and warmth and beach. will not forget!
  • Waco with De Ronde Ladies
  • Great Smoky Mountains
  • Charleston
  • Decorah camping with friends
  • sicker than a dog with Baby #4
  • Surprise 30th birthday party/ best 30th ever
  • boys playing soccer and loving it

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