2022 Books

To Hell with the Hustle – it was okay, definitely good points, but wasn’t my favorite and i am sure it is because i like to hustle but didnt agree with everything.

Tax Free Retirement – this one was good and i was flying through it thinking it was going to give me life changing information at the end…. totally a let down and meant for making you buy life insurance. would not do it that way. some of the info in the beginning was good and thought provoking

Atomic Habits – i did like this book and thought that it gave some really good ideas, but felt like he really had to drag it out to make it a book and wish i would have just listened to the audio summary of the book for the highlights

Habits of the Household – very good book and many of these things were habits i grew up with and that we do in our home but it did have some new great ideas and just the reasoning behind why these things are so important to have a successful thriving home.

Let me Be a woman – so good and so much truth and wisdom in this book! perfect timing with what is going on again in our world with woman.

Upstairs at the White House – JB West – Read this one on our vacation to Mexico… it was SO interesting. it put my interest in history and autobiograpy together and learned so much about the history i actually care about 🙂 well written, loved that there was no political side to it. GREAT book

Greenlights – Matthew McConaughey – listened to this one on audio which i loved hearing his voice narrating it. Very interesting. crazy stories, some enlightening ideas, and enjoyed.

Balance It All – Candace Cameron Bure – i loved how this was one an autobioagraphy but then also had so much faith woven into it. love learning about authors.

Welcome Home – Myquillyn Smith – i have read her other books and still remember some of her ideas for decorating a house minimally. this is an awesome way to plan your house/activities minimally and intentionally for each season! i lvoed it

Reba – didn’t know anything about her but always loved her show. very interesting reading her story to fame and growing up in rodeo.

Welcome to the Farm – I am obsessed with Shaye Elliot’s YouTube videos and her ideas so i got this book. i would say it is a level below where i am at on my homesteading journey but still interesting and learning little tidbits i didnt know

The Lazy Genius – I thought this definitely helped me think a little bit about the way i look at tasks and how to better complete. it got a little bit of the same thing different chapter but i did enjoy.

Jungle Pilot – I’ve been beyond interested in the missionaries in Ecuador since reading Elisabeth Elliot’s book. So interesting reading Nathan Saint’s life and how became the amazing missionary pilot that he was

M is for Mama – listened to this one at a request of a friend, enjoyed it and her tips and real life ideas, as a mom of 10 she definitely knew what she was talking about but also reaching out for help

Every Summer After – I loved this book. I just love a romantic one like this and reading books that have no overly sex, killing, etc. totally was invested in it

The Matheny Manifesto – It was really good… went a little long on his point but i enjoyed it and definitely will define the way I parent children playing sports and wish people these days would read it.

Garlic and Sapphires – Saw this one on the internet recommended and i really enjoyed it! something i knew nothing about but so interesting her being a food critic.

Unhoneymooners – again with the fiction and romance and rom com I definitely enjoyed!

Love Without Borders – love Angela on her youtube family and just love this story of her family and how they all came together and what they went through!

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