Faye Wilhelmina De Ronde

Our sweet sweet little Faye made her beautiful spring arrival and we could not be more thankful! She picked the most gorgeous spring day to be born and brought so much life/joy into the world that day! We’ve known you were a sweet little girl since 20 weeks and it was so good to get you safely here and see your beautiful face!

We had hoped for a much more relaxing birth event than your sisters, and that is exactly what we got! Mom got a chiropractic adjustment that i swore put me into labor, and in the middle of the night woke up knowing things were getting started. Because we wanted to be overly cautious this time, we packed up the crew and headed to my parents house to be close to the hospital.

Things weren’t rushed at all, labor took a little lull, Kyle brought the kids to school/daycare and we headed to the hospital at 9:15 and you were here by 11:12 am. You literally were the dream peaceful/easy delivery to a perfectly healthy baby girl and we could not have been more thankful and grateful.

You were a week early and our biggest baby at 8lb 11 oz, i couldnt believe that the doctor and nurses were right when they said you looked big. Our longest baby at 21 inches, beating all your siblings in every category… no wonder mom was in havinh so much back pain! you just wimpered away after birth but loved laying on mom. You have been a perfect little nurser, and were a calm baby from the start. Another baby with gorgeous black hair!

As a 4th baby, we jumped right into crazy parenting and running around and Kyle had to bring the boys to soccer, one ended up having pictures that night, my mom was supposed to babysit and got sick so Kyle had to run kids around for people to be able to watch them, dad stayed at home both nights, and the only visitors was grandparents and siblings because it is just not as cool by the 4th baby 🙂 We just couldnt eat you up enough tho! You are so so loved and we enjoyed the peace and quiet.

All three siblings LOVED you so much and wanted to hold you and look at you. you hit the jackpot with older siblings! They loved coming and visiting you and being in the hospital where there was food and tv and just a new place. Nana/ Papa/ Grammy/ and Grammy Great all came to the hospital to see you.

Mom was ready to get out of the hospital because it was gorgeous outside and made it tough to be stuck inside! You were an awesome baby for the nurses in the nursery which none of your siblings have ever done! Mom and dad really soaked up the awesome huge hospital meals and not having to make them or clean up!

We busted out of the hospital around 10:30 and we said we wished every baby would have been a spring one! I picked tulips the second we got home, dad mowed the lawn, and it was just our type of way to come home instead of being stuck in the house. Grammy brought the kids home around 1 and it was so nice to be all together, but Grammy did make our life easy and took them back to her house to stay that night.

We adore you and are beyond thankful for a smooth pregnancy and delivery, our house is for sure absolute chaos and me and Kyle look at each other some days like what is our life and what were we thinking!? Soaking up this stage though as we know how fleeting it is and how fast they grow.

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