Tulip Time 2017

Last week was one of the best weekends in Pella, and it was Tulip Time! A festival held every year on the first weekend of May that the town celebrates their Dutch heritage. I’ve been going to Tulip Time every year since I was born and I was so excited to start the tradition with Wyatt.

I had hoped to get a Dutch costume made myself this year, but with pregnancy and wanting to have it fit well afterward (and procrastinating), it didn’t get done. But it will for next year because we had such a great time and I want to do it for years to come! Thankfully this year a family friend let me borrow her costume.

Every afternoon parade there is a baby parade where anyone can walk with little ones in their dutch costume. We got Wyatt all dressed up and we got to walk with some good friends Anna Nieuwsma, Katie & Jack Riggen, and Emily & Elsie Nieuwsma. It was the most perfect day and our little guys took some great pictures too! We had a blast and it will hopefully be a tradition with family and friends for years to come!

tulip time 5

Look at our sweet little Dutch boy! He was way more interested in checking out everything going on around us than smiling for pictures!

tulip time 4

Just love my little family so much! It was Kyle’s day off and he agreed to come along and help out! It’s a pretty big deal because he isn’t usually a fan of Tulip Time, funny how a kid changes a guy!

tulip time 3

tulip time 1
With good friends Anna Nieuwsma & Katie Riggen along with Wyatt’s best friend Jack
tulip time 2
Already love all the pictures of we have of these two men together!
tulip time 7
When we were taking this picture some tourists asked if they were twins!

tulip time 6


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