Wyatt’s Five Month Update

Wow what a great month with one quickly changing little boy. I swear every day you figures something else out and I can’t even keep up with it! My mom babysits him once a week and she said the changes from one week to the next are crazy!

Sleep wise, we sleep through the night about 5 times at the beginning of the month. Granted sleeping through the night is 7-5:30 but I will take it! On the other nights you either think you need to eat or you get stuck and get all worked up about it and need to be comforted back to sleep. You usually are waking up later though at like 3:30 and still end up in mom’s bed when you don’t sleep through the night, but that is more because I am too lazy to stay awake while you eat and put you back. You are a total belly sleeper now and do great about sleeping in your carseat if mom and dad are at a friends house. Nap wise you are starting to figure it out and are doing way better at taking long naps so that is exciting for me and for daycare!

We’ve tried baby food just a time or two and you’re pretty confused and not impressed with the taste yet. The tongue reflex is still present but we are in no hurry to make you eat because you love your milk. You are now eating about 6 oz and mom is now having a hard time keeping up with you! You love to nurse in the middle of the night and in the morning, but otherwise you don’t have the time or focus for it and think you need a bottle. Unless you don’t feel good, then you want to nurse all day and refuse the bottle.

When it comes to cognitive development, you have gone crazy this month. You now walk all over the kitchen in your walker, play with toys, reach for everything, pull out all of mom’s hair, and want to hold our hands. You stand like a champ and we could leave you in the walker all day and you’d be one happy guy. Still roll over all the time and even scoot with your legs when you’re mad enough. You want the roll away the whole time your diaper is being changed. You’re also starting to get interested in sitting by yourself and are able to do so, but bend pretty far forward in the process. Hopefully soon you’ll be strong enough to sit up by yourself (though your mom is not ready for that)!

You’re still working on those dang teethers and they are so close to popping through. You gnaw on everything and drool like crazy. You had a few bad episodes this month with them bugging you pretty bad. You’re definitely skinning out and not the chunk you were those first three months. You’re now in 3-6 months and 6 months and I am afraid they might not last long. You still love diaper changes and being naked.

You talk our ear off all the time. And you’ve figured out how to scream that sounds like a shrill, we aren’t loving that! You smile all the time, your giggle is infectious, and your all around laid back personality is so wonderful. Still have to watch Sargy’s every move and you are just now starting to grab for him…Sargy isn’t so sure about that! Sarge still has to know where you are all the time and I always find a Sarge size opening with your bedroom door at night.

We can’t keep up with all our your changes but man we love them!


Not impressed with whatever mom is trying to put in my mouth
Wyatt’s expression says how he felt about Tulip Time 😉 While mom loved it!


My first Mother’s Day, man I love being your mom Wyatt!



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