Wyatt’s Six Month Update

How can I already be writing this? It doesn’t seem possible that you are already half a year old. We shouldn’t be surprised though, because you are SO different than when we first laid eyes on you. We can’t even explain what a busy little guy and the amount of joy you bring to us!

You had your first ear infection this month and it broke our hearts to see you not being yourself. As first time parents we didn’t want to take you in if it was just teething but by day 4 it became very obvious something wasn’t right and sure enough you had it bad in one ear (the one you sleep on, no wonder we got no sleep for 3 days) and the other ear had fluid that was turning into an ear infection. One dose of amoxicillin did the trick tho, and after two huge naps the next day you were good as new! It was SO nice to have our laid back smiley baby back! All this was worth it too because on dad’s birthday, you got your first tooth!!

You now officially hate your infant carseat. like with a passion. You will twist and scream and attempt to escape when mom tries to put you in it. It’s exhausting and I think that mom will start looking for your next carseat. You grab at absolutely everything you can get your hands on and you now go to church nursery. Not because you are loud or crying, but because you do not sit still! you have to see absolutely everything and it is just easier for mom to have you there and get something out of the sermon

Sleeping is still not perfect ( and your ear infection did NOT help). You usually wake up one time in the middle of the night and then usually wake up around 5 or 6 to eat but if we have the day off you can usually be convinced to sleep in longer. Some days you can’t tho and those are long days! You are a good napper when you fall asleep but sometimes it can be a struggle, especially if you don’t want to miss out on things. however when we get you down and you are exhausted we often get a 2-3 hour nap out of you

Eating was rough when you had your ear infection. Your appetite was gone and if you did want to eat you only wanted to nurse. Now that we are over that, you’re making up for lost time and want bigger bottles. We still have daycare give you 5 ounces a time and then when you get home at 5 you usually eat 5 ounces and then two hours later before bed you will eat 6-7 ounces. You’d think you’d sleep through the night with such a full belly but no 😉 You could still care less about baby food. You seem more interested in what we are eating but If I try to put it in your mouth you are not impressed!

You weighed 14 lbs 8 oz at your ear infection apt, but we are pretty sure you lost some weight due to not eating well for a week so we’re thinking you were 15 lbs easily. You are now wearing 6 months clothes, except in pants it’s still usually 3 months since you have short legs and no butt or hips and still in size 2 diapers. While you were sick you blew out almost every time you pooped because it was so runny.



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