3-6 Month Baby Items Review

I don’t think that I expected our baby to change so much in the first six months of life, nor did I expect the items he needed to change either! Just looking at the items I mentioned here it is amazing how much of that stuff we no longer use! Here is what we’ve been really relying on the past few months and some items that haven’t played the roll I expected them to.

Walker – Definite Yes


We’ve got a mover on our hands and he is just so happy in this walker. This model is totally not necessary but this one was special to us because my husband is a police officer. We often have the car insert off and just toys on his tray. He zooms everywhere in this thing and whenever mom is in the kitchen he’s behind me in it.

O’Ball Rattle – #1 toy


Wyatt is obsessed with this ball. He plays with it all the time at home and all the time at daycare. I didn’t even tell them he loved it at home and daycare said it’s his favorite there. He loves to put it in his mouth and it is so easy for him to hold on to with the holes. We love it and I will be giving it as a baby shower gift for sure!

Baby Bjorn – Yes!

baby bjorn

My sister in law had said she borrowed one with her second child and really enjoyed it so I wanted to give it a shot and put it on my registry. We have ended up loving this product! We did use it in the first three months too, but we are getting even more use out of it now! Wyatt no longer wants to be in his car seat and wants to see everything. So we just wear this and have it facing out and he doesn’t make a peep! I use this anywhere I don’t want to be holding him like ball games, track meets, shopping. He absolutely loves it and I think we’ll still be able to get more use out of it in the co

Corn teething – surprising yes

corn teething.jpg

This teething thing has been no joke for us all three of these months and I just picked this up 2 weeks ago. Wish I would have earlier! He loves how it feels on his gums/tooth and is able to hold it easily and any part can go in his mouth and help him.

Bibs – We love them


Any style big of course works but we find these so cute and stylish and yet so good at keeping him nice and dry from the ridiculous amount of drool this kid produces!!

Exersaucer – up to you, we love it


This is a lot like a walker and we love our walker also. We put that in the kitchen where he can zoom around and then I put the exersaucer in the living room and it is stationary. So it’s not completely necessary to have both but we enjoy having both. I guess we love the exersaucer so much is because it keeps him busy but in one place. The one we rec’d from Kyle’s brother has so much to keep our little busy bee entertained and it is a nice place to put him when we don’t want to be holding him.


Bumbo – not needed



Man I am glad we got one from my sister-in-law and didn’t go out and buy one. Wyatt was not a fan of the Bumbo and would often try to escape out of it.Now that he is basically sitting on his own I don’t find it super necessary and we barely got any use out of ours.

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