Wyatt’s Seven Month Update

I don’t even know where to start with these updates anymore because so much changes so quickly! And then other things I feel like take forever to change. Like sleep!

Wyatt goes through great weeks and bad weeks. We keep having set backs I feel like in this department. one weekend his schedule got way off from being up late past bedtime and sleeping overnight at my parents and then it takes him about a week to get back on schedule. then we get a week with constant sleeping through the night. And then we have another set back with Separation Anxiety starting and you wake up in the middle of the night screaming and just wanting to be cuddled and fall asleep with mom. This happens with naps too. We go through periods of great ones and then periods of 30 minutes max ones. Hopefully we will get past all these humps and get a solid sleep schedule SOON for your mom’s sake! And at daycare there is just usually too much going on and you’ve been pretty ornery lately about only giving them 30 minute naps.

Eating department is changing, slowly but surely. You still aren’t much for the baby food or the oatmeal cereal, but do prefer to feed yourself foods. It totally depends on your mood and curiosity but we’ve had good luck with broccoli, carrots, and watermelon. We just give you a chunk and let you do what you want since you are Mr. Independent and heaven forbid your mom feed you! You’ll eat cheerios too. You still guzzle milk though you prefer to eat 5 ounces every 2-2.5 hours rather than bump up the intake per bottle. You have started to want to nurse again, however you started biting mom so I’m afraid our nursing days might be numbered.

You sit like a total champ now a days. You are great at getting on all fours and rocking around but are too much of a scaredy cat to move your arms and will drop to your tomach and try to get to your destination. You love to move and scoot to get to something that you want. And on the day you turned 7 months you started crawling! You also LOVE swimming and will kick and splash like crazy and are never crabby in the pool/bathtub. You also love to walk every where holding on to mom and dad’s fingers.

Like I mentioned earlier, the separation anxiety thing is coming full force which means you hate us leaving you behind in a room and will scream at the top of your lungs. You also have a love for nursing again and want to be close and comforted all the time. And you sure do love your momma, which she can’t say that she hates 😉

You still talk our ear off and love to giggle. We can’t get you to sit still through diaper changes or buckling in car seats which is exhausting. You want to be standing and walking around with our fingers all the time and you still love Sargy so much and grab for him. We’ve been so impressed with Sarge letting you grab his fur and not getting upset.

You are Sargy are the best of friends and now play together and Sarge comes and sits by you and he even lets you pull his fur. mom and dad are always right there just in case but we are extremely impressed with Sarge’s temperament and how good he is with you. He does always want to eat your stuffed animals and he wishes they were his.

You change so much daily, and love when we play with you and giggle up a storm whenever we do any of our “tricks” with you. You and your dad are also starting to get quite the bond. I mean your dad has loved you since the second you were born, but now he is obsessed with his little boy. He wants to make you laugh and play with you and he is just head over heels with how fun you are and is so excited to teach you everything. You have quite the little personality and are usually such a joy! The only times you are fussy is when you’re teething or have and ear infection and you’re working on teeth 3 and 4 and just got another ear infection…. poor little guy!

IMG_3962IMG_3964IMG_3970IMG_3972IMG_4013IMG_4020DSC_0324 editIMG_4126IMG_4146IMG_4167IMG_4190IMG_4280IMG_4293IMG_4327IMG_4339IMG_4350IMG_4364IMG_4403IMG_4441IMG_4457


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