Iowa State Fair – 2017

The State Fair will always have a special place in my heart because that’s where me and Kyle started dating in 2013 and we make a point to get there every year. It helps that Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law have a camper and graciously let us stay with them a night. I absolutely love the State Fair, can’t say Kyle has the same attitude about it. We put up with each others attitudes towards it and walk around every year. This year was a whole new ball game with mister Wyatt Wayne in attendance. It made some things harder, and we had to skip a few things (like my favorite the Sky Glide) because of having a baby/stroller, but it was still such a great time! It helped that Wyatt slept great in the camper (thankfully!) and took a two hour nap in his stroller while we walked around.

fair 4
Daddy’s twin…


fair 3

We ran in the first night when we got there and saw Aunt Maddie and Taylor. We stopped by the Dordt College booth to see Ashley Vander Molen and went to the Iowa booth to get you your Hawkeye tattoo. You had your first Hot Beef Sundae which you loved and a little bit of  mom’s corn dog.

We slept overnight and I was nervous because we were sharing the camper with the Boender’s but you only woke up once to nurse and you did great and slept in until 6:15, which for you is impressive!

fair 1
Chilling with cousin Hazel in the morning

When dad got up we went down to start checking out the fair, you did great in your stroller in the morning.

fair 5fair 2

You loved the baby animals center and watched all the ducks and chicks running around. It was so sweet to see you so happy and intrigued!


We of course had to stop by the Hall of Law & Flame, and take a picture of Mahaska County’s newest little deputy

fair 8

You wore your Allis Chalmers shirt at the fair, so it only made sense you take a picture with one!



About mid day you had had it but did not want to take a nap without nursing, so we stopped in the nursing/changing table place (so smart! great job ISF!) and mom nursed you to sleep and then you slept in the stroller for 2 hours while we continued to walk around which was awesome!

fair 6

We had a great day and you did so good! Dad wanted out of there at a decent time so we headed back to the camper and relaxed for a little bit before taking off. Hopefully dad will learn to love it as much as you and me did!

fair 7

Also for future reference sake:

Corndog: 5.00

Gate Admission: 12.00

Hot Beef Sundae: 7.50

Sky Glide 1 way: 4.00

Big Slide: 2.50

(seriously the prices are astronomical already, scared of what they will be in 10 years!)

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