Wyatt’s 8 month update

I am just in denial with how fast these monthly updates come up. I can’t believe how fast time goes with this little boy, and while we are loving every second, I want it to slow down! We’ve been busy this month and so has our little ham.

At the beginning of the month he took off on the crawling and he now pulls himself up on everything. He now always stands in his crib when he doesn’t want to sleep, he finds toys that move and make sound so much more fascinating, and he is getting the hang of walking behind his stand up walker. At the end of the month he started clapping his hands, and is becoming ridiculously ticklish.

I started to try and wean Wyatt because he was biting and he loved the bottle, so I started dropping a pump and planned to continue dropping them. But now you are having a need for nursing and want to do it all the time so I was pretty torn on what to do. I let my supply drop by quitting the pumping sessions so we will just see how much longer the nursing lasts. It is how I get you to sleep for every nap just sad I let my supply drop because I thought we were done nursing. You now take a bottle about every 4 hours because you love to eat! You want to try everything that we eat and never want to miss out on ice cream or iceys. You crawl over so fast if me or dad is eating one and expect every bite to go to you. You pat your hands on your knees the whole time you eat. You love your blueberries still, puffs, toast, yogurt, and you’re really coming around to being fed baby food! You have such an appetite and are an endless pit! You’ll eat anything we put on your plate tho and you’re truly an easy baby.

He’s very vocal these days and mimics what we say and often says screeches back hi if we say it to him. Everything is ba ba or ge ge and if we are eating something and he wants some he says ma ma.

Wyatt sits in his crib when he is done sleeping and even pulls himself up. Wyatt is still only taking 1/2 hour naps at daycare just to drive his mom crazy. But at home and grandmas we can usually get two hours or longer out of him. His morning nap is always longer that his afternoon one. At night we are still our same old self and have great weeks and bad weeks. We had a few of waking up twice in the middle of the night when he was teething. We’ve been exhausted faster with all the moving and playing and many nights he doesn’t even make it to 6:30. But near the end of the month we are back to only waking up once and even sleeping in on weekdays until 6.

You did great at your first fair which I wrote a blog about, you love going for walks in your stroller, & just love to be outside. This is just a small glimpse of all the changes you’ve made, you still adore your puppy and are always chasing after him, love to watch cars go by, love to interact with big kids, and you are certainly a little dare devil. You spoil us rotten Wyatt Wayne!






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