Wyatt’s Nursery

It is extremely pathetic that I am just now getting to this post, it just seems like something that was put on the back burner for the first few months when I was trying to get everything perfect and do the finishing touches before I took pictures. Then after that it was just completely forgotten about and I wasn’t going to make a post. But with it being our first baby, I want to remember how I decided on everything the way I did.

We didn’t find out what we were having before Wyatt was born so I went with pretty general colors: Gray, Navy & White. If it was a girl I planned on putting lots of pink/red flowers up in a corner on the striped wall and calling it good. Looking back on it, I guess it is a pretty boyish nursery so good thing he was a boy! I also went with an arrow theme for some unknown reason, and man arrows ended up becoming a big deal right around the same time so my sisters-in-law made that the shower theme and it all came straight from the shower, they rock!


I knew I wanted white furniture for the nursery to just give it that really happy bright vibe that I think every nursery should have. And since navy was one of my colors and it is a dark one, I thought it would help liven it up. I planned to paint the gray to a lighter gray, but being as we aren’t going to have any more babies at this house, I said forget the trouble and leave it the gray it is.

DSC_0064I wanted stripes on one wall as an accent to the room and couldn’t decide between gray/white and navy/white. I had in my gut that I wanted Navy/White so bad but I worried about that being too dark and a lot of people said go safe with gray/white. I just kept seeing walls on Pinterest with the navy/white and I finally just pulled the trigger and went for it. I painted the wall navy and Kyle helped make the stripes and I then painted them white. The wall turned out SO much better than I could have hoped and I think this wall might being coming with us to a new house 😉


IMG_0219DSC_0018 dresser

All of the furniture I kind of knew what I wanted right from the start and then I made the money at monarch’s and got to splurge on what I wanted. I am so glad I did too because we will have this furniture for such a long time and for hopefully lots of kiddos so it was worth it.


I absolutely love these bookshelves and had seen stuff like it on Pinterest but didn’t think it was necessary. But for some reason I pulled the trigger and I am SO happy I did. I just love how this little “library” ended up and can’t wait for Wyatt to be reading all his books.

DSC_0013 ladder.JPG

Wyatt ended up getting SO many baby blankets (first child problem) and I didn’t know what to do with all of them. I had seen before putting blankets on a ladder and I decided to go cheap and just have my handy husband make a quick ladder. $5 dollars later and a little bit of paint and this turned out perfect.

DSC_0989n closet.JPG

Lastly I just love how convenient and organized Wyatt’s closet is. I definitely stole this idea from someone else to put the bookcase in the closet (since his hanging clothes aren’t taking up all the space) And then I added an organizer on the left to put his daycare outfits for each day so I didn’t have to do that in the morning.


To say the least it was obvious I used to have plenty of time on my hands before the first baby and I doubt any other nursery will be this planned or put together all the time. But it is such a fun room and I just love being in there, probably helps that it is where a sweet little boy lives!

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