Wyatt’s 10 month update

I feel like these are all running together and yet he is changing so much at the same time if that even makes sense. We are loving and cherishing every second with this little man and we are just so thankful the Lord has blessed us with him.

His new tricks are peek-a-boo with the curtains in the living room and it is adorable. He totally started it himself and he just cracks up. He climbs on everything and it becoming very curious. We’ve tipped over chairs and tipped chairs on top of ourselves and we have plenty of bruises to prove it. You aren’t scared of much and if an obstacle is put in your way you will get around it. you love to crawl fast into the kitchen and have us chase you. You are already so much like your mom and love to make people laugh and do tricks. You still love bath time and could be in there for hours. You are all over the tub and such a busy guy with all of your toys in there, and it makes you happy even when you are in a crabby mood.

You’re obsessed with everything involving Sarge and get all giddy when he comes in to wake you up in the morning with me. You watch his every move and follow him around. You now want his toys and like throwing his ball for him. You’re getting so good at interacting with him and he does so awesome with you.

When it comes to eating there is nothing you leave behind. you eat absolutely everything and expect a bite of whatever we are eating (and if it’s ice cream you expect EVERY bite) We try hard to keep you well rounded with meat, dairy, veggies, fruit & grains but man do you love your dairy. Which leads to constipation and extremely stinky diapers. You still want your bottle before going down to sleep for naps and at night and you still wake up at 3:30-4 for a bottle.

Which leads in to sleeping and that you sleep 9 hours and then need a bottle and then sleep another 2-3 hours. You have started to sleep in til 7 some days which is way better than the 5:30-6 it used to be. You’ll sleep through the night in spurts too. You are just starting to hit a growth spurt and teething  spot so you’ve been taking long naps and ready for bed by 6:15.

You are still your go with the flow self and we can bring you everywhere and not really even have to worry about bringing loads of stuff. You bring us so much joy my heart could explode! You’re becoming such a big boy and your 1st birthday is right around the corner and I don’t know if I can handle it!









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