Wyatt’s 11 month update

I am okay with writing this update, but I am not sure how I am going to write the next one! This just doesn’t even seem possible, but I have finally put away the dreading you getting older and I am starting to embrace it. I finally realized just how FUN you are and how much I love watching you explore and learn and grow. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved newborn cuddles, but you are just so dang easy now and such an independent little boy. We are loving every second spent with you.

Vocabulary – wow it exploded this month!! You talk our ears off all day and now try to repeat what we say. You have “uh-oh” down to a tee and say it anytime you hear the word no. You also say “all done” “dada” and lots of other babbling.

Walking you are still stalling on, you will walk like crazy on the furniture but will still drop and crawl. I guess we’ll be thankful for a few extra days with our sanity. You just started to wave at people too! the first time  you did it was at a complete stranger at the bank.

This month you found out what a ball is and you are OBSESSED. you now want them all the time and you fight with Sarge over  his tennis balls. You also love trucks now and you are becoming such a little boy and you play so nicely with your toys. We can leave you in the living room now and you’ll play so nicely by yourself checking everything out.

Food – you completely eat absolutely anything. You eat all big boy food and maybe once in a blue moon have some homemade baby food but that’s just because mom wants to get a vegetable in you and get rid of the baby food. you tried pancakes this month and loved them so I need to make more of those for you, you loved pastas, meat*** You are loving your sippy cup now but are usually a stinker about drinking out of it yourself and expect us to help you.

Tooth Number 7 popped through but not seeing it’s partner in crime quite yet. You teeth so much differently now that you are older. Still a stinker on sleep. you go 9-9.5 hours and then wake up for a bottle which is usually 4ish. but then you’ll go back to sleep til 6:30ish so I’ve just learned to deal with it and know you’ll grow out of it when we cut the bottle. And right after I write that you make it to 5:30 4 days in a row…. I just give up understanding you!! Still a shorty but I do think you’re growing. Dabbling into 12 months tops and will probably be only in them by your birthday, and your legs are catching up at 9 month pants aren’t enormous on you.

Planning your little birthday party which will unfortunately be a small one, but our house is so tiny we can’t fit everyone in. oh well! Mom will still enjoy the party planning/throwing…and getting ready for Christmas 🙂




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