Wyatt Wayne is ONE

I can’t even believe it has been a year. what a fast, absolutely incredible year! How was that beautiful moment of the doctor laying you on my chest and you just being so quiet and wide eyed looking right at me 365 days ago!? I can’t remember our life without Wyatt. I know life without you stunk though, because he is such a light in our lives, we love him so incredibly much. This month before your birthday you have gone total toddler mode on mom and dad. we don’t even know what happened to our baby boy! Climbing on toys, trying to get on the couch, always trying to get where you are blocked off from… you keep us on our toes!

You walk lots now! Usually take steps where you want to go and then when you fall we crawl the rest of the way. You just learned to get from being on the ground to standing up by yourself. You are in to absolutely everything and getting ornery. You enjoy playing in boxes, obsessed with balls still, figuring out truck (hopefully you get some for your birthday) and love to play with all your toys. Bath time is still your favorite and you are all over that bath and could sit in there forever. already excited for summer with you!

Your vocabulary has just exploded and you can say so many words. Still the classic uh-oh, all done, mama, dada, and now ball and bye-bye. We’re pretty sure you have said key too. You shake  your head no when you are done with something or don’t want to do something. when you are told no you give us the pouting face and start to whine/cry.

Food you eat absolutely everything(except raspberries!) you love food and often have to be told that you are done because you have ate so much. you love your fruits and veggies and we try to really stick to healthy foods at home but it is so nice we don’t have to bring you a separate meal when we go anywhere because you will eat whatever is put in front of you! we know where it all goes because you are quite the pooper and still a little shrimp. you get to start eating school which I know you will love cause mom sometimes fails on your food at school.

You sleep through the nights sometimes and other nights you don’t. You sleep in some days too which is always appreciated. We got to work on that and I’ve been sometimes just cuddling you back to sleep without the bottle and putting you back in your crib. You are definitely dropping the bottle these days and not taking it very often and are going down to bed and naps without them which is nice and something I was worried about not getting you off of. You are starting to love cuddling with your blankie and have been getting more attached to the paci. You still take(and need!) two naps a day and I never want to drop the morning nap because your morning one is usually 2 hours and then the afternoon one just depends on the day. you are a good sleeper who is so easy to put down to bed, we just need you to kick the waking up in the middle of the night thing.

I’ve loved getting ready for your birthday party and being able to celebrate YOU! Even though you get all of our attention everyday in the first place 😉

you love Sarge, put your hands up in the air when you want to be picked up. you can put together concepts, are so much more aware of your surroundings, definitely becoming and independent little person with your own agenda. You make us laugh all day long and we just love showing off our easy going sweet boy to everyone. we just love you so much! Happy First Birthday Wyatt Wayne!!

His stats were 20lbs ,15 ounces for 21%, Height was 29.5 inches which is 39%, and head was 83%

( I also had to add like all of his 1 year old photos because they were all so dang cute)



IMG_6382IMG_6391IMG_6416IMG_6441DSC_0043 editIMG_6456IMG_6579IMG_6692IMG_6706

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