Wyatt’s First Birthday Party

On December 9 we got together with family to celebrate Wyatt’s first birthday before it got too close to the holidays. I had been sick the day before and the day of, so Kyle ended up doing all the cooking and was a champ about everything that day! Wyatt was a dream that day and loved every second of getting all the attention. Like I don’t think we even had one picture he didn’t smile for. he had just the best time!!


I went for a lumberjack/outdoorsy theme and most of it turned out exactly how I wanted. there was a few more things I wanted to do but with being under the weather, not everything got finished. Not like anyone cared or noticed!


He got so many nice gifts from all his family and he loves being able to run around with the big kids now.

His smash cake that me and his dad were proud of making ourselves


Wyatt loves being with all his cousins


I just love these two’s love for each other


He has the cutest cousins!


I thought for sure he would destroy his cake… barely touched it!




We love you Wyatt Wayne and can’t wait for another year of watching you grow! You are so loved by so many!

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