Duke’s One Month Update

Sweet Duke we are so incredibly grateful the Lord gave us you, and we can’t believe you’ve been here for a month already!!

Sleeping is not your forte and especially by yourself in your rock n play. Right now the Rock n Play in your dad’s closet is your bedroom, but you usually aren’t too happy about sleeping in there and would rather be in mom or dad’s arm or in our bed. You don’t do stretches longer than 3 hours and most of the time 2.5. Between you not being much of a sleeper and your brother waking up at 6:45, I am one tired mommy!

I’ve never heard a baby who grunts as much as you. Like all the time. If you’re hungry, grunt. If you’re in your rock n play and don’t want to be, grunt. You pretty much just grunt all the time! You also have got quite the set of lungs on you! You don’t enjoy diaper changes and scream through those. You also weren’t a fan of the like 2 baths you’ve got 😉

At first you used to be hard to keep up during feedings, but now very good eater and always have a great latch. You mean business and aren’t a fan of being taken off to burp or change sides. When we’ve given you a bottle you’re gulping down 3 ounces so we know you are a great eater.

You love to be laying out on the floor and love tummy time! You don’t make a peep on your tummy. You are so dang strong and can hold your head up, try to roll from your back to your tummy during diaper changes, and you love to be in the Solly wrap on mom.

Two under two has definitely not been an easy first month, but you and Wyatt are forgiving and we have been able to do quite a bit. It’s been amazing how fast I was on my feet the second time around (not that you have a choice) and we canned spaghetti sauce and froze corn. You also went to your first Iowa State Fair at 3 weeks old and did SO well.



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