Wyatt 16-17 Months

This is like 5 months late…that is just my life right now. but I still want to post it and have it to look back on when my oldest is like 18!


Can’t believe my baby is a year and a half. Wow you change so much and are so fun though!! Like I thought I was a baby person, until I got to toddler age and just love watching you learn and grow and man all the giggles and kisses are just the best. Here is the update of the last three months:

Wyatt 16 Month Update: I feel like these updates are one on top of another. It is crazy how much you change, even on the course of a weekend. You love to walk around yourself and not be carried, you pull yourself up on the kitchen chair by yourself and from there crawl on to the kitchen table…. Have to keep my eyes on you. Want to drive our vehicles ALL the time and could sit in there for hours…literally. You are very easy to communicate with and are using the words up and down a lot lately. Still a great sleeper at night, you will usually wake up at 5-5:30 but I give you your paci and say it is not time to wake up yet and you can be held off anywhere from 6:30-7:45 with that. Still taking two naps for me though the afternoon one is shorter now. I will still take it though! Very good eater still, daycare is going well and you take a two hour nap for them now and come home a lot happier and you are just changing so much! Yell and say hi to everyone in the stores. Very obsessed with your blankets and putting the corner in your ear or mouth. Animal noise that is your favorite right now is neigh. Want to be outside all the time Still love your bath time and could sit and play in there for hours.

Words he can say:

All Done


Wyatt 17 months – Wdsc_0116yatt changes and learns so much in between every day! We moved his car seat to the other side of the Durango and turned him to forward facing and we all are loving it!  He bops to the music and likes seeing me and i honestly like being able to see him too. I told myself I wouldn’t until 18/19 months when we had to move him over for the baby but we are loving it. Still a great sleeper at night and we don’t hear a peep. Sometimes waking up as early at 5 AM but he is told to go back to bed until at least past 6 AM. when he’s really worn out he isn’t waking up before 7AM so that is wonderful! Still always needs that morning nap on the weekends and then then afternoon is debatable/short/late if we are going to be up past his bedtime. Eats pretty much everything, trying to baby him less and give him bigger pieces and he is very good at using a fork. Loves his blankie and putting the corner in his ear or mouth. Wants to be outside ALL the time or driving the truck. He is happy for hours there. He also loves to go on walks just like Sargy, they are quite the pair. He is still obsessed with Sarge too! He loves to help with the dishes and sweeping, always climbing on the chair to look out the window and playing with his tractors on the kitchen table. Loves going to the farm and seeing the tractor and semi and making vroom noises at them. Wasn’t so sure about the 4 wheeler quite yet, obsessed with riding the golf cart

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