Wyatt Wayne – 22 months

Again, I am missing months and wasn’t even going to do this since I haven’t done all of them, but one is better than none at all! And he changes so much it is just incredible. Here’s my attempt at just remember a small snapshot of all that Wyatt Wayne is right now, and he’s pretty incredible:

Sleep: I feel like it is easy so start here, because you are one great sleeper at this point! With getting to be home with mom for 3 months you got into a nice routine. We have a clock in your room that lights up at 7 AM. We can often hear you awake in there before that but we try hard to not get you until that is green. You understand the concept that when it’s green you start yelling 🙂 Every once in awhile you sleep in til 8 ish if it is dark or you are exhausted. You are a dominate napper and consistently give us 2.5-3 hour naps starting around noonish.

Eat: man how eating has changed. you are so hot and cold when it comes to meals. You almost always dominate breakfast and start the day with waffle/toast/banana/eggs/muffins and eat really well. You are obsessed with “nacks/fooood” and are starting to ask for those consistently all morning. Lunch is so hit or miss and depends if you are tired or not. You are obsessed with cottage cheese at the moment, love beans, mandrian oranges. Dinner also just depends on the day but you usually do decent. if you don’t you eat really well off mom and dad’s supper. You’re ornery and if you don’t want food you will feed it to sarge which is the main reason you are getting spankings/timeouts right now. You aren’t super picky on foods just sometimes you don’t feel like eating. becoming a little bit better of a drinker and drink quite a bit of milk and that’s all we give you these days.

Cognitive: you talk so much and are not saying phrases like “I don’t know” “I need ____” People always comment on your vocab and how verbal and outgoing you are for not even being two. You are starting to really understand what is going on and cause and effect. You also have incredible memory and can get a sucker one time for the store and remember that you got a sucker there and ask for it again. You count to 10 and do with when counting your cars or just randomly sometimes. It is crazy how much you have learned….without us even knowing/teaching you.

You absolutely love the park. We spent all maternity leave going there at least 5 times a week I bet. you are always so much more capable than I expect and you have no fear there. you remember where Osky Christian school is and cry when we go by and don’t go to the park. You love the farm so much and cry if we go by and don’t stop. You are absolutely loving harvest and rode with dad for two hours in the grain cart and didn’t make a peep and loved every minute. you love your farm equipment and we walk around the farm and you say semi, tractor, combine, barn. You say all those words when you see them in the fields or on the road. You love saying bale and cow too. You love teasing Sarge when giving him a treat and making him sit. you are obsessed with messing with his food/water bowl which gets you in trouble. you are a little OCD we’ve seen and love lining up all your cars in a row. you love to tow everything and are obsessed with riding your small tractors/semi. you have a flat bed truck that you tow everything with. you are getting interested in coloring/drawing just for a short amount of time. you are very demanding and know exactly what you want at all times. you love your dad so much and the first thing you say when you wake up is “I want Dada” and where’s Duke or wheres baby. you are interested in your brother and loving up on him though you don’t overdo it.

You say hi to everyone in the store and make so many people smile, even the old grumpy men can’t resist saying hi back and cracking a smile. You love golf cart rides and we go on them quite a bit to check out the land and the garden. You are ornery when mom is nursing Duke and have got up on kitchen tables, standing in pack n plays, drinking my pop, throwing toys in the toilet, the list goes on and on. you know when I am trapped and can’t get you! You love our attention and the attention of everyone, but especially from kids that are older than you and pay attention to you. You go go go all the time which is really exhausting! You’ve learned so much from watching Baby Bums, love Cars 3 and Moana.

Wyatt, thank you for being the sweetest boy in the world and letting us be your parents and along for the ride! We love you SO incredibly much!


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