Family Photos – 2018

I just love these boys so much, and they knew how important it was to me to get some pictures for Christmas cards, and framing, and how much I want to get them yearly….and they showed up well behaved! Kyle was 100% which was so appreciated and Wyatt was a little smiling angel. It helps that Aunt Momo takes the photos and she is his favorite. We had a few bad sun spots and bad faces, but I mean come on they aren’t too bad for having two children under 2 and the pictures being free 🙂 Here is the De Ronde family in 2018!


Ugh what happened to my baby!? he looks SO grown up in these pictures


Kyle wasn’t so sure about this pose but I love how it turned out!
I love taking pictures in the same place every year and watching our family grow/change!


How lucky am I to have these boys in my life!?


Boo – yah!!
Wyatt wasn’t so sure about this!


I just know I will cherish having these family photos to look back on when I am old!

And just a few or Mr. Duke at 3 months…. such a fail but hey at least we tried



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