Memory Keeping

Maybe this is a blog post to keep track of all of the things I am trying to do to remember our kids growing up, but here are the different ways I am preserving memories for our house:


Promptly Journal

These are what I use for the boy’s baby books. I love the questions it has to prompt you to answer and then room to just write about them. I love that it is pregnancy to 18 years old which is so much longer than most baby books that go to like 5 or 6. They are so pretty and have room for pictures and I highly recommend.



All year I keep an album on Google Photos of my favorite pictures of our family. Then when the year is over I take the photos and turn them into an 11 x 8 book on shutterfly. It is so awesome to see all we did in the year and I know we will love these when the kids are grown.



We have a box for each boy that is in our living room and we put any papers we have for them that we want to keep. Doctor appt papers, birth announcements, daycare projects, just love these little memory boxes until we need more of a filing system.


Birth Books

I find the time in the hospital with a new baby to be so special. So for both boys I have made a shutterfly 8×8 book of all the pictures and summing up how their birth stories went. I also have a detailed Birth Story hidden away in Google Docs just for me ☺️

This Blog

This has turned into such a great way to document our family! I love making blog posts of fun occasions, monthly updates, yearly pictures, and posts just about things we enjoy and what life was like at this time

Milestone Pictures

these used to be such a big deal and my parents took us to JC Penneys for pictures at 3,6,9,12,18 and then yearly pics taken. Nowadays these things aren’t as big of a deal because we take 100 pics a week, but I am trying to be intentional of taking them myself and printing and filling picture frames with them. These days we are just so bad about taking the pics and doing nothing with them



Birthday Parties

I know they aren’t necessary and especially not going all out but it is something that I enjoy doing and putting together. It’s fun to make the kids feel special for a day and I love using my creative juices.


this is something I’m wanting to do but haven’t yet, but I’m putting it on this list as a reminder.


These are just a few of my favorite ways to remember these young years that may be a blur!

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