Duke – 5 Months

Five months of Duke De Ronde!? It feels like you’ve been around forever but still so crazy that you are 5 months. Our boys are growing up before our eyes yet I feel like we aren’t soaking it in near enough!

Sleep: Yikes mom’s been letting things slide and you are up way too often and spending too much time in my bed. Going to work on being more strict. But I think we are also in a regression so I gave up. Naps started out not so hot either and you were taking them all over the place and mostly only a half hour. But by the end of the month we started getting you to two strict 1.5 hour naps so I am hopeful those are becoming consistent soon! Also really hoping night sleeping will start getting better after this sleep regression, teething and growth spurt are over.

Eat: Kid can eat! He loves loves to nurse at this age where I remember his brother lost interest. He does a lot of his eating in the middle of the night when we are up 3 times a night nursing. Interested in our food when we are eating it. I’m in no hurry to feed him real food because that’s a lot of work, but when I’ve put yogurt in his mouth he was interested and didn’t have as bad as a reflux as Wyatt did. He kept staring down my food so much that by the end of the month I gave him some banana baby food and he loved it! You poop like 2 times a week tops! Sure can fill an overnight diaper with pee.

Sizes: Still in size 2 diapers and all of a sudden don’t fit in 3 month clothes and shooting right to 6 months. you have definitely started getting big this month.

You have the best laugh, and give them out so freely. you find so many things funny, you love when we sing to you, and love love attention. You prefer to be held all the time but are finally really happy being placed in the exersaucer where you can stand. You are so good in there and mom and dad are able to get a lot done now that you will sit in there. You are so happy when you wake up, giving us tons and tons of smiles and I love waking you up in the morning! You’ve also been doing a lot better for Crystal so that is such a relief for us!

You are always blowing bubbles and its the cutest thing ever. Still hate your car seat and car rides aren’t too fun if you aren’t sleeping.You finally came around to the bath this month and took two in a row without screaming, we gave them to you before we put Wyatt in and put a towel on your bath. You still don’t want your legs in the water, but progress is progress.

Had your first Thanksgiving and did amazing the whole time because you were being held and got so much attention. You also came along with mom and dad and Auto Momo Black Friday shopping and you dominated and were just in your solly wrap the whole time and we got so many looks from people and they thought you were so cute. You are getting SO much more fun and such a joy! We love watching you grow!


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